Club Dice refused to Pay $16,411


Dormant account
Nov 8, 2001
After depositing $2000 at Club Dice I won $14,611.

After requesting a wire out, by account was locked. After numerous emails and faxing my driver's license and signing forms, they promised to wire my money to me. That was on October 29th, 8 business days ago, and I still haven't received a penny. They still have my original $2000 deposit which looks like they are trying to keep.

Stay away from this crooked casino!!!
I know this is not acceptable, but 8 days is not unusual in these days of stalling, casino cashflow hassles and e-cash inefficiencies.

Have you tried them one more time to see if it is on its way? Maybe speak or email a manager at

Club Dice is powered by PlaytechBV and last time I looked the owners were Celebrity Clubs GY Limited out of PO Box 27142 Nicosia, Cyprus. I'm afraid I don't have a management 'phone number, but the name Kiki Trepidis comes to mind. They've been in the late-pay spotlight before.
Hi Suzirose,

Like Jetset mentioned, eight days is not long at all since whenever there is a substantial win (congrats by the way!!) :) the casino goes through an auditing phase, which they don't make known too often. I'll contact the casino to clarify this because I am sure this is what is happening.

Why hasn't this casino been put on the blacklist? I'm pretty sure that PoppaTerry from had been refused winnings after they claimed he reversed them and played them all out (over $4600). Dave R also said he knew someone else that had the same thing happen there.

PoppaTerry threatened to quit online gambling but got a few Royal Flushes since then at reputable casinos.

If they don't pay this $14,611 now then they'll have to come up with another excuse.
They did pay my friend, eventually (and after ignoring his emails). Apparently he had duplicate accts and the funds were taken from the active acct and placed in the inactive acct because they wanted a bonus to remain valid.

Since I don't know the full details of this,
I will refrain from comment.

Comments from the casino?? I've emailed them a couple of times but they are a bit slow to respond....

Hi all. I received this this morning:

Hi Bryan,

Firstly let me apologize for the delay in responding to you but we wanted to resolve the issue at hand first.

To the best of our knowledge monies requested by player "suzirose" had been wire transferred to her. It was just a matter of time before she received the funds. On Friday Nov 9th our bank notified us that the funds were returned to them because the account number supplied by "suzirose" was not correct. We immediately contacted her and at her request have now re-sent her funds by overnight courier, which she should have within the next few days. We at Club Dice do not withhold or delay funds due to our members, once they have complied with our gaming conditions. We try our best to be a fair and comfortable team to work with and sometimes members do get a little anxious when awaiting funds, especially large amounts.

Thanks to sites like Casinomeister and other online forums it is virtually impossible to intentionally not look after customers needs and stay in business and we have all intentions to be in business for a long time to come. The name Club Dice should be synonymous with customer satisfaction and outright comfort. All our staff works very hard to make sure this is so. At the same time "to err is human" and humans as well as machines participate in both sides of this business. Maybe "suzirose" was so anxious about her win that she provided the incorrect account number we will never know and really do not need to, all we wish to do is pay those who have earned it. May all be reminded a little patience goes a long way?

Thank you for taking time to contact us to give us the opportunity to respond. I'm sure we will be in touch again

Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the Club Dice Casino Support Team. We are available 24 Hours a day, 7 days a week.

With Best Regards,

Scott Hill
Club Dice Casino
Well done Tobias! Our practise is to post this up on OPA Statements to clear the name of the casino and show the members that things are happening in their Association.

Presumably Suzirose confirms this? And will hopefully post a note saying how great the OPA is.
As a quick update, Club Dice claims that I gave them an incorrect bank account number (may or maybe be true), and they are guaranteeing that they will "next day express" a check to me next Monday (11/19/01).

They sound sincere enough, and I will update the site when I receive the money.

Thanks for Bryan and the casinomeister site for all the help.
Hi Brian,

That was me who posted this since this was a Casinomeister "pitch a bitch" complaint. Tobias is handling the OPA compliants which is separate and posted in the OPA Statements section.

I don't think suzurose is an OPA member that's why I handled her complaint and didn't refer her to the OPA.

I have received a fedex tracking number of the envelope which should contain the $16,000+ check. It is supposed to be delivered tomorrow.

I will update when I receive the check....

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