Club Dice Fake Bonuses of Play Money


Dormant account
Jul 2, 2003
I can't believe you played at Club Dice. You said they were a better Playtech alternative to Blackwidow and Grand Banks. I agree with you that these two are extremely slow to pay: I am wating for about $4,000 to cah in from them (just got $1,300 today), but at least you can cash their bonuses.
I was lured by your post on Black Widow, and went to Club Dice. I only played there once over a year ago and lost, and I only lose less than 10% of the time....I asked the online chat to add me again to their mailing list to get their juicy promotions, and he offered me $50 bonus for $100 deposit on the spot. I accpeted without checking the T&C's. I was disappointed to find out you can never cash the bonus. It's just "play money". Sorry but I only play for real bonuses, not fake ones.....

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