Club Dice Casino theft



Club Dice Casino has a serious problem with software, thieves, or securityI just don't know which. On Wednesday Augusts 1st, 2001 I made a withdrawal request for $1,004 to add to my pending withdrawal request of $3,628.23. I then played for a bit longer, logged off, and traveled to New Orleans Louisiana USA with my wife to visit my brother. On Thursday afternoon, I checked my email and received a note saying that I had requested a withdrawal for $24.23. I sent an email back basically saying that I didn't make such a request and suggested that they should check their records. My wife and I got home Saturday morning and after doing the catch-up housework, I checked my email. I get this note saying that I did indeed make the request and had several cancelled requests. I logged on to the casino, and discovered that THERE WAS ONLY 23 CENTS IN MY ACCOUNT AND NO PENDING WITHDRAWALS!

I then exchanged emails with them over a 4 day period. They wanted me to send them items that were not available and promised to call me. I had to call them 2 days later! I talked to someone that said he was a manager. He told me that I or someone in my locked empty house had canceled the withdrawals and gambled the money away. He asked me what would make me feel better. I told him that I wanted my $4,632.23! He said no way. I then said just reverse the charges on my credit cards. He said he didn't see the need to do that! He then offered me a $450 credit and promised to investigate the matter. When I accepted the $450 offer, he said that I had misunderstood and he was only giving me a $150 credit! Then a couple of hours later I got an email from him saying that his investigation had shown that it was my turned off computer in my locked empty house that had messed with my winnings.

In the past couple of days I have learned that I am not the only one that has had their account cleaned out at Club Dice Casino. I have found that Club Dice Casino buys advertising space on websites and newsletters designed for teens. I have contacted my ISP (they said my PC was not connected to the internet during the time that Club Dice said it was), I've contacted my credit card companies and they are investigating the matter. I have contacted the company that processes the funds drawn on Visa and Mastercard for Club Dice, but they don't appear to be interested in helping in any way, shape, or form. Club Dice Casino has replied on another website stating that I canceled out my withdrawals and gambled the money away.

I just found out that PlayTech is the software designer and the owner of Club Dice and it's sister casinos, "City Lights" and "Brandy". I haven't written to PlayTech yet but I will be doing that this afternoon.

I (and many others) feel that Club Dice should be put on a "beware" list and from me to you, do yourself a favor and play elsewhere. Having an account cleaned out is not a nice experience and when the dollar amount is over $4,600, it makes you want to throw up.

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