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Nov 11, 2005
hey guys...quick question. I have a few casinos I just don't want to play at anymore..and I was wondering how do I go about closing an account at a casino? Does it really close down? What if I just never went back to the casino again. Is it best to just leave it or cancel it? Thanks guys...Have a good day! :)
I've closed a couple of accounts in the past, the accounts were just locked. I reopened one account to play a poker tourney and instantly the acc was locked when I reged a card associated with an account i'd closed. When I contacted them they had a little moan about having multiple account, I said it was their fault for not deleting the account as they had no reason to continue holding my sensitive data but really they were quite happy to reactivate the new account once veryifying no foul play.

My best advice would be to contact the casinos you wish to close the accounts with and request they destroy any sensitive data held about you. Whether they will or wont do this is upto the casino, they wouldn't do it for me but there's no harm in asking. Finally just cancel all associated cards and re order them, this will render all the card details held useless so you should be able to safely forget about the casino acc closed or not.

Hope this helps

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