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Oct 16, 2005
just to let you all know what could happen to you that recently happened to me.been playing bingo at mapua bingo never had any trouble til know.They just uped and quite.or should i say trying to change name.They referr you to another site saying it's there partners.Than they say they not with them.who really knows.But on nite i playing than next day could not get back in cause they discontinued.I hoping they will still honor there payouts.have cashouts totaling 3,800.00 plus what was left in acct.They never sent me any info saying there were closing.should of known that some thing was up when i was recieving email about other bingos from them.reading all the other complaints from sunny group i not holding my breath.:mad: How can we protect our self from this ever happening again?
thank you,
Hi Shirlsplay, I had to reply to this with my story.

I also had a mapau bingo account. Months ago they ran a story contest where supposedly you would have winners each week and people voted for your bingo story. I got 5th the first week (100bbs) which was awesome. The next week a few of us put new stories in, and I contacted support, the General Manager, the Gaming Manager and I never got a response (only from a lady who works there who has been the only one kind enough to reply to any of my emails.

Anyhow I kept playing. Then I received a promotional email to deposit and receive a total of 110% bbs. I deposited $20 however, only received my usual 12bbs. Again tonnes of emails went unreplied. The next week I got an email for a similar promotion. Again I was dumb enough to deposit and didn't get them either. Then I also started getting emails recommending other bingo sites. I emailed yet again to all these different areas asking if they were closing and why they were recommending all these different sites. How funny....... never heard back. I phoned them (not toll free from new zealand) and got an answerphone and left a message. Hmmmm, no reply. So I finally emailed Carol again at Bingoland (she rocks) she is the only one to reply to me. She told me that they have quit bingoland and if I wanted to contact them she gave me it thru Bingoworkz I think it was. I replied to her and said no way, I'm not playing with them. So I have opened a Bingo Day account which is still with Bingoland because I love the games, I love the people and CM's and the chat. It is just such a pity that these sites don't let you know what is happening. I had deposited and played so much there (when it costs nearly twice as much to convert to USD from New Zealand). I am glad I had cashed my comp points in.

Good luck with your withdrawal, I really hope it goes through. I have seen you in the chat room a couple of times so I just had to reply to this. I hope it works out for you..... they should at least honour their withdrawals for people who have continued to support them throughout all their ups and downs.... now is the time to support their players who kept them in business for as long as we could.

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