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Jan 21, 2004
Does anyone know anything about Click2pay? I got 5 e-mails today from various casinos offering me bonuses (some very generous) if I deposit by Click2pay. It seems to be a new outfit based in Germany, and the casinos are reputable, so it is probably OK. If you have personal experience with Click2pay, please share it with me.
I also got 2 offers from casinos with click2pay signup bonuses of 100% up to $100. But when I try to register at Click2pay it rejected my application 3 times for some unknown reasons. Somehow they know my previous address, my sister's name although misspelled it. I got tired typing the same info several times and finally I gave up.
HateMG said:
I also got 2 offers from casinos with click2pay signup bonuses of 100% up to $100. But when I try to register at Click2pay it rejected my application 3 times for some unknown reasons. Somehow they know my previous address, my sister's name although misspelled it. I got tired typing the same info several times and finally I gave up.

Probably provided by the casinos that you played at before?
May be illegal .......
Click2pay is completely new, so nobody has any experience in dealing with
them. If you have to ask, try it yourself and tell us your experience. :rolleyes:
I signed up for it the other nite myself, after getting an offer from a casino about it. I had a problem with it accepting one card, but the 2nd card it took fine. I haven't used it to pay for anything yet though.
These guys are 100% legit. I've met with them briefly in Amsterdam, and I know of a few other persons who can attest for them. Yep, based in Deutschland :D

Do they accept only AC or bank transfer will do it as well? Do they have something similar to Instacash?

P.S. I was not able to sign up there as of yet, I, probably, need to ask them via e-mail what's wrong.
It was a few days ago, but I think they would take either credit/debit cards or a bank account for a funding source. Not sure though if I need to fund the account before a purchase or if it just works like instacash. I gotta say, the website is not real clear on such things when you sign up. At least it wasn't when I signed up a few days ago.
Hi jpm,

just found this on their website:

No Need to Fund...
With Click2Pay you do not have to fund your Stored Value Account in advance.

When you want to purchase goods or services at a merchant's website Click2Pay
automatically debits the necessary funds from your predefined default
funding method. Thus you do not have to care whether your Stored Value Account
contains enough money for your purchases - simply fund it on the fly...

In case your Stored Value Account does contain funds, which you have received
from a merchant (e.g. as a payout) or from another Click2Pay member, your SVA
will be debited first during a purchase and only the amount not covered by your
Stored Value Account will be debited from the default funding method.
Thanks Anne. So its basically paypal by any other name. Sounds good to me!
There is still the question of it is like InstaCash that is instantaneous
or does it take several days like wire transfer from your bank/funding source?
I used it Thursday and today on Casino Grand Bay and it was instantly added to my casino account...the only problem that I have had with it is the fact that it works sometimes and other times it comes up with an error message stating that "the bank/acquirer has rejected your purchase request" and this I don't really know if it is the bank rejecting or Click2Pay failure because I had plenty of money in my bank account. This is the only problem that I have had. :eek2:
Not too impressed so far

Well it looked great - Riverbelle was offering a great bonus (no strings). So I registered, which was difficult enough - kept coming back to main screen even though everything was filled in, but the activation code they sent me wouldn't work. Didn't get a response to email, so I call GERMANY and spoke to someone who was going to have someone get right back to me. Well that was 2 or 3 days ago - haven't heard back or gotten the repeat activation email they were going to send. Lucky for me, all Riverbelle required was registering - got the bonus!

Hope they get it all worked out - no fees and quick sounds great.
At least you got thru, I tried and tried with their 888 number and couldn't get anything but a fast busy signal. :(
I called on their regular number from their website. I asked the person I talked to if they had a toll free number and he said not yet. I still haven't heard anything - will try emailing them again tomorrow.
Well, I managed to sign up, I called them to verify my account, they called me back within minutes. So far everything went smoothly, I made a deposit and got my bonus.
Not At All Impressed With Click2Pay Service !!

As I had stated in my earlier post about Click2Pay, I had signed up last Thursday April 29, and had made two deposits on Casino Grand Bay, both for under $100.00 and then the service would not let me make another deposit until Saturday morning, for which I made for again under $100.00. Well ever since then I have not been able to make any deposits and I was using my checking account all along for these deposits because the banks now-a-days refuse credit cards from the states to overseas accounts.

Well I bit the bullet and made the overseas phone call to Germany from Georgia, USA (I dread seeing the phone bill for this one) and talked with one of their CSR's, this was after I had sent several unanswered e-mails, and at that point they told me that I needed to send them a copy of my bank statement and drivers license, at which point I told them I was not going to send my bank statement to anyone for any reason. I then hung up and called the CSR at Casino Grand Bay to inquire with them about this request and the lady that I spoke with there told me that she would call them and check on this for me and then call me back ....... :confused:

Well she called me back in approx. 10 minutes and told me that the CSR there at Click2Pay had misinformed me and that request for the bank statement and drivers license was only needed when you wanted to raise your weekly spending limit from $2,000.00 to $10,000.00 as stated to her by a lady at Click2Pay named Maria and then I told her that I had not requested this at all. All I requested was that my account be working as it was set up at $2,000.00 per week. Another case of the left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing in this online business.

Ok, yesterday (Sunday) I spoke back and forth with several different CSR's at Click2Pay after I had sent in several e-mails, they finally called me back and then it was another story for the reason that my purchases were being declined on their end ....what they told me then was that I needed to check my bank account and find out what was the amount of the "micro-deposit" that they had sent to my account and then come back to their web site and enter this information and my account should be activated and working properly....... :eek:

This was the first time I had heard of anything about a so called "micro-deposit" as this is not stated anywhere on their web site or under their terms of service and I told the guy at Click2Pay that I would have understood this if only someone had told me in one of the e-mails or in one of the previous phone calls or even if they had it posted on their web site...which they dont! Well this morning (Monday) I checked my bank account and saw the "micro-deposit" posted so I logged into my account on the Click2Pay web site and entered the amount and thought finally this account will work right now.... guess what... :(

Twelve hours later and its still not working right even though on their web site it says my account is active and my checking account has been I call them again, finally get thru on their toll-free number and the CSR fellow at Click2pay tells me he doesn't know why my account is not working... he says he will have to send an e-mail to the second support team...WHAT !! I say, you can't just call someone to find out what in the hell is going on ? He tells me he will send me an e-mail back letting me know whats happening.... heres the e-mail I get back.....

Dear Mr. Winfrey,

We are sorry we cannot help you imediately with respect to your problem.The second support department said your purchases have been declined from our bank,the reasons they do not know at the moment.Could have been due to some account mismanagement problems.
But they will check with the bank and will get back to you in the next 24 hrs.

We appretiate your Patience.

Your Click2pay service team.

I guess they are talking about the "Account Mismanagement Problems" on their end as I have only made three deposits successfully on my end and those three cleared my bank today. Apparently no one there at Click2Pay knows anything about whats going on with my account....All I can say at this point is Good Luck to Click2Pay if they are trying to compete with Neteller or PPATM.

Hmmm.... let's try. Finally something good from Europe, and like Germany, we are part of EU. So let's sign up, and :eek2:


You are using an IP address which indicates that you are not located in the United States, the United Kingdom, Italy, Canada, South Africa or Germany.

Consumer signup at Click2Pay is currently limited to those countries, but will be available for other countries soon..."

Ok thanks. :rolleyes:
They finally have a toll free support number:

Customer Support

US Tollfree

0049 30 300 11 01 00

They charged my account THREE Times the same amount but when i called, they said they had a glitch and everything would be fixed. I'm still a bit leary but they seemed nice about it. Hope my money comes back to my bank account! LOL
slotchik said:
They charged my account THREE Times the same amount but when i called, they said they had a glitch and everything would be fixed. I'm still a bit leary but they seemed nice about it. Hope my money comes back to my bank account! LOL

Same thing happened to me. I am waiting for my triple-charged money too.
Three charges

The service seems to work fine when you first register. However, I also wasn't told of the "micro-deposit" but happened to see it in my bank. Have spoken to customer service to verify all information and send info they needed. I still got charged three times.

Star rating went from three to two, no further purchases can be made (bank declining so it seems), have debited my bank account three times but supposedly acct will be credited on monday, and they have now locked me out of my account.

Since there seems to be a 50/50 shot of getting an email answered, or the questions sent to them actually answered, I don't think I'd recommend their use until they have worked out all of their technical problems.

So I am now waiting to find out why I can't even view my account any longer.

Good luck to everyone else too!

I have not been triple charged (yet). It is ridiculous, however, that they want a bank statement less than a week old to raise my star rating to 3 stars. This leaves a narrow window of opportunity each month when I can do it and I am not even funding my click2pay account from my bank account.
Also note that to withdraw any money at all you need a rating of four stars. Goodness knows how many hoops you have to jump through to get that.

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