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Dirk Diggler

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Mar 21, 2004
Some of you may remember that I had a problem with Click2Pay where they took 5,000 from my credit card rather than using funds in my account. Well I've just got around to withdrawing this money and there's been 17 deducted from the withdrawal - 15 of which was not authorised by me.

I made the withdrawal and the bank draft finally turned up on about Thursday of last week, for 15 (about $28) less than it was supposed to be.

Initially they claimed this was charged by my bank when I cashed it, which eventually ended up with me having to scan and email a copy of the bank draft to them before they would accept what I was saying. After about four emails they have just emailed me back with this:

Unfortunately I have to inform you that this GBP 15 commission charge
is deducted from every cheque requested by British customers.

We are very sorry that you had to pay the GBP 2+ 15 fee, but CLICK2PAY
will not back post the GBP 15.

So basically they are now taking 17 from EVERY withdrawal GBP account holders make.

This is totally wrong IMO, I agreed a 2 charge when making the withdrawal so how they can then take another 15 without authorisation is beyond me. Its basically theft.

Does anybody have any contacts with them, or know of any authority that I can complain to about this?
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take it out with your credit card company, i have 2 cheques in the post (hopefully) and hope i dont get charged that amount, or else bye-bye click2pay!
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I'll be watching this thread with interest. I only recently opened a Click2Pay account (on Dirk's recommendation ;)) and will be closing it just as quickly if this doesn't get fixed.
This is disgusting. They also took nearly 6000 from my card a while back wrongly and now they're making high charges on withdrawals without telling people.

I've emailed them to close my account, really not worth the hassle when theres Neteller and Moneybookers around.
I emailed them last night and they told me that the extra 15 charge would be made if I made a withdrawal now, but they are looking into it.
got my cheque today, and it was minus 17!

I phoned them and spoke to an etremely helpful guy there, who told me to email in a picture of the stuff, I will keep you updated on the outcome!
Recievd this, this morning, so lets see how it goes

We contacted our headquarter in order to find a solution in this matter and we expect an answer soon this afternoon.

May we therefore kindly ask you to bear with us until we can give you further informations in this case?

Thank you very much for your undstanding and your cooperation.
Uungy - did they ever get back to you about this?

They eventually responded to my emails on the 2nd of February saying that they expected a decision from management on that afternoon. Not heard anything further despite chasing it up.

Also recently remembered that they promised me a free withdrawal after they took thousands off my credit card wrongly. They better give me one after this pathetic situation they've caused.

P.S There's another player turned up on WOL with the same complaint.
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not as yet, gave them a follow up call today, they say they are waiting for the response still from head office, I mut admit I am getting a bit impatient with them even though they are trying to resolve it, but they are really taking their time about it!

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