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Sep 21, 2004
the grove
Just wanted to share my experiences with CLick2Pay (C2P).

After having some Neteller deposit problems I chose to use C2P service. All went well for about a month. Just recently my account was locked for NSF on an EFT. Here is what they did...

I had a bank account with almost no funds, my C2P account had about $1000 or so , not sure cause I can't access my account. I made two $400 deposits into casinos, instead of taking hte money from my C2P account like they should , they decided that they wanted to split it up and take some from my bank account. Since there was no money there that caused a NSF fee to be issued by my bank for $33 and probably screwed with my credit a bit. Now my account is locked with over $1000 at C2P and there is nobody working over the weekend who can help the situation.

When asked why they tryed debiting my bank account she said the system just does that sometimes and there is no real reason.

So I won't know anymore until monday, but for now it seems apparent that this company is not a legit company. If I had to guess it seems like an online casino type company that got into money transfer rather then a money transfer type compnay that got into online casinos. They run things in an unprofessional manner like 90% of the casinos I read about rather then a legit business.
Sorry to hear about your problems - I also had a similar situation hear when they took 5,000 from my credit card rather than using the funds in my account. Caused me major problems.

Make sure you demand the bank fee back from them - they did offer to pay any fees I incurred.

These people really need to sort themselves out, I just finally made a withdrawal due to this and the bank they used to send me the bank draft has taken 15 from the amount.

This is on top of the 2 C2P already charged for the withdrawal. :(

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