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Jul 5, 2005
I just want to inform you that Click2Pay has on there homepage the following warning:

Warning: Criminals may currently "phish" for your account data! We have been notified that a phishing-attack has been launched recently (01/09/07).

We will never send you an eMail asking you to click on integrated links or verify your account data or password in such way.
Thanks for the warning. These bastard criminals have been trying to snare Neteller account holders too just recently, sending official looking Neteller emails advising that a cash payment is awaiting their acceptance....always best to actually check you account through your own stored urls rather than use any of these email links.
It sure is terrible . I have been going to the real websites and forwarding the emails to their spam and spoof departments . Don't know if it will actually help anything but it is pretty frustrating to get these ,in different variations , everyday . Some of them look so freaking real that I can see how some people get fooled . Most recent are 3 different banks and a Neteller .

Moneybookers to! I got one last week saying party poker transfered money to my account. but it was sent to an email that money bookers does not have, so watch out

Yes, I've seen that one too along with Citybank and the usual raft of those badly done Nigerian "416" scams. The dark side of the Internet!

I have noticed too, they are using a much better quality of bait and line now, some really DO make you wonder if it is the genuine article when you experience how naive some CS departments are. I have had one case where what looked like an average Phishing mail was actually genuine! (I checked).

The bad ones are easy to spot, but the good ones are taken from the genuine article, and doctored well. They rely on fooling people who really have done a transaction that could have resulted.
If you deposited at a casino with a card, had something go wrong, then received an E-mail asking you to "validate" something due to a transaction issue I bet many would get taken in, even just a bit.

If your Email address contains your name, their bots can be configured to use that name to avoid using the tell-tale "Dear Customer" approach that really gives the game away.
When I first read it I thought hmm, mabey it was from when I had my affiiate site, but then it I quikley remembered I never affilated with party poker,lol


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