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Feb 25, 2004
East Coast, USA
Nine days after unsuccessfully attempting to deposit $300 at Riverbelle Casino through Click2Pay, they still have not paid back the two withdrawals of $300 each they took from my account, and now "Click2Pay security" is sending me emails saying they don't think their ACH vendor initiated the transactions, and they have no record of the withdrawals!

I had sent numerous emails to them, none of which were answered. When I finally did get through on the phone, I was told by Sergei that it would be taken care of - didn't happen. I called again, asked for a supervisor, was passed on to a Robert Campbell, who said he was in charge of trying to fix all of these issues. He promised to investigate and email or call me within 24 hours. I didn't hear from him and when I called he was away from his phone and never returned the call. I called him back this morning and he told me that these transactions didn't show in their system but some kind of transaction for $212 did (have no idea what that was about). I explained that these withdrawals show as Click2Pay with my bank on the very day I tried to deposit using their system. He said he needed to check something and would call me back in ten minutes. Never called back, but I got this email:

On Fri, 21 May 2004 15:13:16 +0200 <> writes:
> Dear Lxxxxx,
> Our customer service informed us that something seems to be amiss
> with your bank account.
> I have checked and I can find no transactions that have been made
> using your bank account number.
> Please advise!
> Thank you for choosing click2pay!
> Best regards
> Thomas
> ------------------------
> Thomas D. Frueh
> Click2Pay Security

This crossed in the mail with this email I sent to Robert Campbell and which I then forwarded to Click2Pay security:

TO: Robert Campbell - Click2Pay
FROM: Lxxxxx Dell

Here is a screen shot from my online banking showing the withdrawals by

On the left side, you will see the 5715 which is the last four numbers of
my checking account.

Multiple emails and multiple phone calls have not resolved this issue.
You have not followed up as promised a single time. If the funds are not
back in my account by 9:00 am EST Monday, May 24, 2004, I will be filing
an internet fraud case with the US Department of Commerce and the Federal
Communications Commission.

Lxxxxx Dell

And this is the response I got:

Dear Lxxxxx,

We are analyzing the incident.

I think that those transactions have not been initiated by our ACH provider.
Could you provide us with an account number of the originator of the $600 transactions?

Best regards

Thomas D. Frueh

Click2Pay Security

I have called my bank and gotten transaction IDs and sent it to Click2Pay. If they can take money from my account within 24 hours, it should not be nine days later and without resolution. I began sending them emails about this situation on May 13. I understand that the US Government cannot take action against a German financial insitution but I hope the PR fallout warns people to think twice before using this deposit method.

My final email to them:

I do not for an instant believe that these were not initiated by your organization or your ACH vendor. These withdrawals came immediately after one of the Click2Pay customer service reps walked me through the deposit steps with one of my casinos - with an attempted deposit amount of $300!

I have spoken with my bank this morning, who provided the following transaction ID's for the two withdrawals, and have indicated a willingness to participate in whatever filings I need to initiate to resolve the issue:


I intend to hold to my original timetable of Monday, May 24 for filing with government regulators.

Lxxxxx Dell
Update: Apologies to Click2Pay

I tried to remove this thread but could not figure out how to do it. I offer sincere apolgies to Click2Pay and have sent them an email explaining what the problem was.

Once Click2Pay said those were not their transaction numbers, I had the bank do more digging on their end and it comes up as another company which calls their online payment system "Click2pay". These were payments I made to a company using their online service which coincided with the date I attempted the deposit through Click2Pay.

Although the confusion was understandable, there were no fraudulent actions by Click2Pay. This does not excuse the terrible customer service such as not answering urgent emails or following up as promised.

I will continue to try and resolve the technical problems I have had in trying to use Click2Pay and hope to find them an excellent way to deposit to my casinos.
maybe you should post that message also in the click2pay thread in "online casinos"??


I was reading in the other thread about click2pay and found your posting there. I was quite upset and searched through the whole forum in order to collect more information...and finally found this posting.

Quite a relief, but the guys still have some problems with their CS, I guess.
Let's wait and see.... :rolleyes:

I couldn't figure out why click2pay sounded so familiar to me, until just the other day when I was looking at my checking account and saw it listed there. Now I know why it was so familiar, its what Citibank calls their automatic credit card payment service. I have it setup to that it automatically pays the minimum due for me, so even if I forget to pay in full, I'm never late. I wonder if Citibank is going to get cranky about them using that name, or vice-versa, as I'm sure one of them has the name trademarked.
owner of click2pay

bethug said:
who owns clicktopay?

as you can see on the click2pay website:

'The "brains" behind Click2Pay are...

..InfoGenie Europe AG, a service company, that is listed in the Prime Standard of the German stock market.

The Click2Pay service was developed by Wire Card AG, one of the leading providers for online payment systems worldwide that also provides services to many banks. Wire Card continues to technologically support Click2Pay on behalf of Infogenie.'


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