Click2Pay debit card. Your expieriences?


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Hiya: Last week I withdrew money from the Casino, and withdrew it back to Click2pay. A few hours later, i withdrew it from my account in click2pay to my click2pay debit card. A few hours later, i withdrew it at the ATM machine.

I did the exact same process yesterday, and 28 hours later, it shows as being on my click2pay debit card, but the ATM's show the old ballance, and say, "Insufficient funds" to with draw. The money is still being shown at Click2pay as being on the debit card.

So, my quiestion is, those of you who have this debit card, How long does it take from the time you, "Withdraw to debit card," to the time you can actually get the money off the debit card at a ATM machine? I ask because it is a 35 minute drive to the nearest ATM from my house here in Morong.

Thanks. :)


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I don't know, but it reminded me to say I sure wish QuickTender had a debit card.

I see you are from the Phils....where?

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Usually it's OK in 24 hours but once it took 4-5 days. I phoned them and they said that up to 7 days is a norm.


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It's all up to bank payment processor. At least until they do "batch upload" and close the business day, your money may not appear on your debit card.


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If web wallets are going to offer debit cards they should make sure transfers to said cards are faster than bank / wire transfers.
I remember before when Neteller had a separate account for their MC debit card. You had to make a transfer from your main account, and that could often take a few days to be processed. If that hadn't changed I would probably get rid of it, as I found another wallet capable of paying within 6-24 hours to my bank account.



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Its 24 hrs, I have one but the fees burn me bad, the card is an expensive one and they double dip on my currency exchange.