Clever campaign


RIP Brian
Feb 22, 2001
CLEVER CAMPAIGN uses free electronic cards to good effect

Marketers at the Gibraltar-based online gambling group have come up with an innovative viral marketing campaign that provides a service to site visitors at the same time.

The company has launched a free electronic greeting card service that players can use to not only send good wishes to friends and family on special occasions, but also give the opportunity for a little flutter. Each card carries a chance to win cash prizes in a draw. Along with cards marking special milestones, there is also a variety of special greetings and even themed cards with Flash animation clips. has created a dedicated jackpot to service the card initiative, and every recipient of a card will additionally receive an offer of a special welcome bonus for redemption at the group's casino.


You type well loads
Oct 14, 2004
United Kingdom
Rather stupid if you ask me - high risk of backfiring since it is such unexpected greetings cards that carry Email viruses. Anyone who knows how to protect their PC's will trash these as soon as they arrive, and many spam filters will sense them as spam. Since these will be traceable to, the complaints will land at their door.

Spammy affiliates will simply use these cards to add to their spam campaigns. If they have nothing in place to monitor how these are used, it could be a public relations disaster.