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Mar 10, 2005
Hey all,

I was on my way through our riverboat casino the other day and was surprised to see a Cleopatra's gold machine. I checked it out and it's just a little bit different. It looks like the payouts/spins are the same, but it's only 9 lines with a max of 10 coins/line. It's a 5c coin fixed.

I was just wondering if anyone else has come across this, and if the odds are about the same w/only 9 lines, and if it'd be worth playing in a B&M casino.

I play it here in Canada all the time, its a pretty consistant payer, you get 3 sphynx's and then free games, I play the dollar slot at one coin and it is almost always a minimum of $700 on the bonus.:thumbsup:

Sorry, i did nt get the casino right. You didnt mean tghe riverboat online casino, did you?
Were can I play this cleopatra online`
all the best
Hmm, weird. Here it's called 'Queen of the Nile'.

It does bring up a question though, which came first, and did RTG license this? It's an obvious ripoff of the land based game. Of course the play is just a little different...You can play 1/3/5/7/10 coins @ .05 fixed, and only 9 lines instead of 20 lines that you can play online. The free spins are the same. 15 for 3+ pyramids. The payouts are the EXACT same, but for the different symbols. The A-10 symbols are unchanged.

In answer to the previous question, you can play the Cleopatra's gold online at any RTG site, and no, I meant the riverboat casino that's here in my hometown...not online ;)

slotchic: That looks sort of what this one looks like, if you were to take the top portion off & change the bottom totally. I searched around and found an indian reservation that lists it as being made by GTech, but I can't find any other references.
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Thanks -
i knew that. I love the australian Slots at RTG! Thought, there were something new...
But meanwhiel I even know what ITG is- only for landbased ones, ok-
Queen of the Nile

This machine can be found in Australian casinos 9 lines and 20 lines from 2c op to $1 machines, and they pay out a lot better than they do on line.

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