Cleopatra's Casino - Gone?


Dormant account
Dec 12, 2003
Cleopatra's Casino owes me more than $2000 and I have been waiting for a month now. When I deposited, I did not know they were part of the Crystal Palace group... they had always paid me in the past without trouble. I deposited $500 without a bonus and have been a faithful member there for a long time. Now I've found out that they're part of a "rogueish" group after the fact.

Their website has been down (
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) for at least 24 hours now (maybe much longer). Has this casino gone poof or what? Does anyone have any information? I am getting nervous.. I have a lot of money at stake!

Thanks in advance.
It was back up when I checked it Saturday morning, albeit with that BS Safebet logo.

Casinomaster, things could go either way at a Warren Cloud outfit - hope you don't have hassles.

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