City Of Kings

Registered to King City Entertainment out of Collingwood, Ontario. The software is AST Gaming Solutions (formerly known as Avogic) which has Russian connections.
i dont know why people have this thing against russian casino
i have had a great time with gaming mastery's lucky chance
I'm sort of torn on this one because there have been some disquieting reports on Russian software, including Avogic. On the other hand, a respectable marketing agency, Ispye is doing their marketing and the casino manager Mike Jacobs seems to be very keen and responsive.

So I would suggest that you do a little research and draw your own conclusions. This is what we reported when these guys launched:

City of has a pleasing, professional appearance and a responsive manager in Mike Jacobs, who tells us that this new operation is focused on good gaming (they have 15 games including most casino faves) fast payouts and well-trained Support. The proof will be in player reactions a little further down the line, and we're not too sure about the ASTGaming Solutions provider which is the renamed Avogic suite. They're offering financial options with Neteller, eGold and 900Pay and a range of above average bonuses, particularly those aimed at high-rollers. The Support promise is a 15 minute turnaround on player emails, which is ambitious but do-able with the right staffing levels and expertise. Although based in Costa Rica, the owners appear to be King City Entertainment out of Collingwood, Ontario up there in the Great White North. We understand that the experienced ISpye consultancy is marketing the site.
Here's what I do if I want to try previously unknown casino. After you've done your homework, as you did here, take a small amount of money that you don't mind losing if they decide to never pay you, in my case usually $100 but no more, and try them. If you're lucky enough to make a cashin, see how long it takes and wait before you get the money before you even think about redepositing there again. If all goes well and you decide to play again, use small amounts again for at least the next 2 sessions until you have a good comfort level with them. And of course, share your findings with everyone here.

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