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Aug 29, 2006

Best Regards,

Graham Hogan
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This is Graham Hogan, At my last month I was looking for a nice Casino Online where to play and receive good bonus and faster pay outs, I founded in this days, I visit and I’m affiliate to City Club Casino, you can download the casino (url snipped) , and make a little deposit for $20 and get big bonus for 700%. Just contact the customer service people by chat or phone to get the sing up bonus*. Said that Graham Hogan is your affiliate.

Best Regards,

Graham Hogan

Hi my name is Graham and I want to apologize for being an idiot as I am illiterate and cannot read the rules of this forum, so please ban me for spam as I deserve it as well maybe you could spank me too, oh forget it I already do that to myself.
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that casino has really gone downhill... my issue with then seems to be on the road to being resolved (not considered resolved until the money is in my hands)... but they still had to include sarcasm and smart as**dness in their response email..although they did a couple of things out of "customer service courtesy".. just bow out gracefully, for goodness' sake! Read on:

Dear Cynthia,

It seems that youve had a roaringly good time gaming at City Club Casino!

As a consequence of your simply fantastic cityclub experience, we have processed your withdrawal request,...


That was after a very frustrating experience with them and response to my email.
sorry..just noticed this was somewhat of an old thread. Bryan, feel free to move it to the thread entitled "City Club removed from Accredited Casino list"
Cynthia, I had the same words in their email to me. I wasn't sure if they tailored it to my situation or not so I gave them the benefit of a doubt and didn't say anything about it in the other thread.
Doesnt this idiot (graham) understand that the casino doesnt want players from this forum as we are all bonus abusers.


They actually wanted to say something else. Just replace the word 'fantastic' with 'frustrating' and this will make some sense. Actually, what the hell has a fantastic experience at the casino got to do with the withdrawal. If we had a poor experience and wanted to get the remaining, say 30% of our deposit back, does this mean that the withdrawal wont get processed. The mind boggles.

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