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May 9, 2004
Account banned, winning forfeited, and where is my initial deposit ?

My first online gambling is ruined by cirrus.

Two months ago I opened an account at cirruscasion. I got my virgin luck and managed $600 winning. But that's the only time I could log into my account. For some mysterious unknown reason, my account was blocked, my winning was forfeited. I was told numerious times by Brian or Christine that my initial deposit of $100 will be returned but after 2 months of waiting it still hasn't show up in my account.

I can understand there might be some technical issues. But come on, 2 months, there is enough time to figure things out. How come you cannot process $100 return while others(RTG too) can do it in 5 minutes?

Enough said. Take care, guys.

After I opened an account I made a deposited of $100 with the 170% fully cashable bonus. I only played Blackjack and managed to $700 after whole day play. I didn't know how to check wager then so I emailed them. Christine emailed me back that "I have wagered $17000' so I sent the withdrawal request" Bang! Since then I couldn't log into my account. I contacted them. First I was told "technical problems". Then "fraud investigation". I don't worry at all. I never played online before and I was not in any kind of blacklist. Eventually they told me "we don't want to do business with you" I asked "Did I do anything wrong?" They couldn't tell me anything but "we have the right to decide whoever should play" After numerous phone calls and online chat finally I gave up. But come on, they should at least give my initial deposit back no matter it's a big or small money, right?

It's really frustrating because each time when I called, they are just circulating those excuse, no reasoning at all.
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They don't even want to return my initial deposit and how can I get my winnings?

I didn't intend to settle for whatever amount, they simply told me "we don't want to do business with you and we don't owe you anything since you will get your intial deposit soon" which turned out to be forever. Period. I was even hanged up for 3 times during my phone call.

I am glad to find this place two weeks ago. At least I can tell my story to others here.

Thanks Caruso. I might try that.

HateMG said:
If you played by the rules and fulfilled WR why would you settle for your original deposit only?
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Humorous message from cirrus

I played cirrus quite a while ago and I just got an email today trying to get me to deposit again. Here is part of it.

"It's been a while, since you played at our casino and I wonder why? You did quite goo, the last time you played with us."

First of all I'm pretty sure I didn't "goo" at any time while playing this casino.
and what's with the commas? Sounds like an email from Christopher Walken.

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