Cirrus Casino once again makes me post. I should have known


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Mar 22, 2004
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Hello everyone,
Not too long ago I was a victim of a awsome hacker who somehow got all of my info and somehow created alot of accounts under my name using my internet connection. I was using a wireless cable modem that was not encrypted. I did not know you had to encrypt your connection. Antway I sign on to cirrus casino explaining this situation to them. But would they even begin to listen to what I was saying of course not. Here is the story........

Ok I havent signed on to cirrus casino in about three to four weeks. I sign on to cirrus asking for a little bonus due to my faithfullness I have shown them and this is the response I get from brian himself. He is claiming that I said something I did not. He says he has the chat transcripts and I for one never said any of these things but he refuses to listen so I must post here to get your opinion on this and show you what class cirrus casino has.


What do you guys think I should do?
What do you guys think I should do?

Since you asked: You should go to a Gambling addiction counselor or support group if you need to beg casinos for $20,- because you're too broke to play.

Also, techincally he's not cussing you, he's referring to himself with what he thought you called him.
So you're saying the hacker logged in as you thru your wireless connection using your cirrus username & password (which is not stored in RTG, unlike in MG casinos) and proceeded to curse out the customer service rep 3 weeks ago??

I think Aindreas_Daoc's advice is good, if you're begging for $20 then its time to quit gambling. :(
Why are you posting this stuff?

You need to be very careful posting stuff like this. This is a public forum and casino managers have every right to defend themselves when they are accused of misbehaving.

You have posted a chat room screen shot where you state "becasue (sic) I play only at your casino" yet in this forum you have referred to playing at Carnival Casino, Club Dice, Luck 'n Roll Casino, Pink Lady Casino, amongst others. In fact viewing your posts it looks like you use these forums solely to voice your discontent. If you don't get your "free" money, you publicly bitch and whine. :what:

The "f**king a-hole" reference that Brian is making is clearly referring to what you called him in an previous email. Is this the deal? You don't get your bonus, so you call the casino manager a f**king a-hole and threaten to go to the boards?

I agree wholeheartidly with most everyone else that you should find something else to do with your free time. In my opinion this is a waste of bandwidth.
Potentially interesting development with my own case here. Watch this space.
Gee, by reading their conversation I must admit the operator does have a sense of humor.
Ronb2nd, I think you should walk away while you can. Using this forum to serve your own purpose is plain wrong. In fact, I think it's insulting. Do you think we are dumb enough to support you in this @#$ case? Think again. :lolup:
I understand you guys and apologize for my immaturity in this matter. I just really have this belief that all these casinos need to compensate us for our losses a little more I mean all they doo is run a server designed to take peoples money and let someone win once in a while. And tell me that they cannot control who and when someone wins, your out of your minds if you believe that. So I must say this I will take the advice of all of you and walk for now but when my casino opens next year, it will be the most respected glamourous casino available and people will win and people will play there because of my customer service and comps that will blow everyone elses away. I will not disclose the name yet but you will see. :lolup: then I will be able to be the one laughing I will be the one running the casino the way I would like a casino to be ran just wait you will see until then.......................
In addition to the gambling addiction counseling, you might want to consider general psychiatric help as well. Someone specializing in delusions of grandeur might be ideal.
I think that last comment was rather unnecessary. Rob was willing to admit his error and listen to the advice given. That should be enough.

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