CIRRUS: attempted theft of $7500.


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Mar 12, 2004
Pennsylvania, USA
caruso said:
Got a load of spam from these jerks. Check this out:

"All bonuses are fully cashable, unlimited cashout..."

What they DON'T mention in the mail is that they REMOVE any bonus in excess of $500. How is this "fully cashable"?

Duplicitous scum. Stay away.

You were probably lucky to get $500 when you did since now 200% bonuses like the one you received seem to be advertised as "fully non-cashable".

I get a kick out of "We reserve the right to alter all and any rules and payouts without written notice." under their "Rules" section. Kind of made me wonder why I bothered to read all the other stuff.


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Oct 28, 2002
how laughable they are, now if there were only some sort of legal recourse when something like this happens. Welcome to the world of unregulated gaming, imagine going to a casino, winning a bunch of cash, and they tell you that before you can leave with it you have to wager all your chips a second time.

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