Christmassy caution


RIP Brian
Feb 22, 2001

If you're one those sites that plays fast and loose with your customer's personal details....beware.

Player privacy and the security of confidential personal details are priorities to which all online gambling operators pay lip service, but which are not in practise always observed.

Whether it be through dishonesty or inefficiency, the end result is the same - the player is prejudiced, at least by becoming a target for spam and at worst a victim of fraud.

With the festive season on the horizon, it's perhaps not out of place to urge operators of integrity to revisit their security procedures and ensure the staff are fully briefed and applying the rules with diligence to protect the player. Most genuine regulatory jurisdictions demand this protection, as do independent standards and player protection organisations like eCOGRA.

And for those unprofessional enough to release details like player email addresses to spamming affiliates, be advised that players are smarter these days - they've had to become so in the face of the growing barrage of unwanted marketing spam to which they are daily subjected.

Increasing numbers of players are constructing dedicated email addresses for specific online gambling venues. After registering, if they suddenly start receiving unwanted spam, they know who is sending it...or who's security procedures or integrity are questionable. The culprits are then exposed on the many player communications vehicles on the Internet, and reported to anti-spam agencies.

Bottom line - don't support spam in any way, shape or form and ensure your affiliates are disciplined if they indulge in this timewasting and business damaging practice.

It's not the affiliate's reputation that matters - it's yours!