Christie Signs! APCW Perspectives Weekly 1 March, 2013


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Christie Signs! APCW Perspectives Weekly 1 March, 2013

As promised, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has signed the online gambling legislation sent back to him with the requested revisions. Also, industry news from the European Union, Florida, and the last of the Black Friday fallout.

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Nice video!

Actually, a poster on the site you mentioned in the video states the following:

" Florida law makers actually said they will take their time to study the space for a possible
decision in 2014 because Florida with its Indian casinos and other operators is a complex space."

This is true and can be found in other media outlets. We do have complex issues with the Indian
casinos and Disney. Also, Disney has a lot of ex-employees running Florida. I do predict that after
a few more states okay the internet gambling bill, Florida will follow.

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