Choice to pay all customers owed when site reopens


Aug 3, 2002
Las Vegas
Although there is no hard proof of this two people who are close to this have confirmed with me that Dobrosoft (the software provider) and the new owners of are making arrangements right now for all owed players to be paid in full. The room is in the process of a grand reopening which should occur in the next few weeks. Currently the poker room is down and has been for a week. The virus I posted about earlier was taken off the website a few days ago as well so the site is safe to visit again.

The owner of states Link Removed ( Old/Invalid) this news, as well as I have had this confirmed from another person high up in the poker community who is owed a large sum with no affiliation to each other whatsoever.

Although this is of course not guaranteed I trust both of these parties involved enough to post this here to at least give those who are owed some hope.

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