Choice Poker Virus


This may be just on me since I have been so vocal about the Choice scam but I got backdoored and hacker started downloading stuff before i disconnect the net. The original backdoor virus was downloaded on a pageload from I was not running my antivirus but when I rebooted I retraced my step and this virus tries to install itself every time I reload or visit choice. If you have ever been to their website check your system out. Below is what I posted at the zoo.

Well I have heard from the APtour skin of Choice and through the grapevine that the old people in Choice were booted and new mgt is fixing it up for a reopening. I noticed pokerpulse had booted them so I was going to check it out.

A month ago I got a nasty virus on my computer. I had to start all over. Today I got the same virus. This was that same exact virus with the oldest date on the computer before. It is a backdoor. Here is the link mcafee gives to explain it.

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I was not running Mcafee when I visited the website the first time tonight. After my computer was taken over I ran it and went back on my trail of the minutes before then attack until I found it. As soon as I enter their website I get the warning from Mcafee, if i revisit or reload same message instantly when page loads.

This is just to warn all to check for this virus and avoid the website. I emailed Dobrosoft to alert them.

I know this is not the first time someone has mentioned Choice sending viruses. I cannot find them in all the Choice issues in the archives. Maybe it is only my IP? I made waves with them over a few bucks they owe me and
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I posted here a month ago. Maybe it is aimed just at me or a few enemies, maybe we all have it that ever visited?

Check your system out there are free online scans everywhere.


Ueber Meister
You need to download a patch for IE. It is also a good idea to use an alternative browser such as Mozilla Firefox.


After a couple of emails back and forth with with Dobrosoft, the licensee of Choice Poker they have found the issue and hopefully get it corrected soon.

Hi John,

You are correct. I went to the Choice Poker website and my virus detector (I
use McAfee too) immediately picked up a Trojan:


I suppose this is what you are referring to.

This is not our software. When you first contacted me I thought you were
referring to a problem with our program.

I will inform the new owners of ChoicePoker about this problem and make sure
it is resolved immediately.

Thanks for bringing this to my attention,

Matthew Dobrosevic