Chipmonkz and CM bias

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Permanent Ban: Too much flaming
Jul 10, 2016
North east England
Firstly the shutting down of the thread was limiting free speech as it goes against certain mods ‘vested affy interests’
Secondly all that was posed to the affy streamer are facts, facts he took exception to, why? He earns a living from people like us, should we feel we can ask a question whom is to say no?
Yes he does promote rogues, yes slotty and betat are as rogue as a Hillary Clinton conference, he was warned via comments and live on his stream over a matter of months regarding this.
He chose to block them comments and continue his rogue behaviour.
He’s a history of promoting rogue casinos and deleting his ‘customers’ comments to defend his ‘brand’
All I’m saying is fact.
Should the thread been left open I’m pretty sure it would be apparent his rogue behaviour would be outed, alas fellow affiliates block this.
He tries to get me banned numerous roles playing certain cards..
yet threatens me with his misspelt ‘gipsy’ heritage and friends..
yet that is ok? Why? Because I’m a player and no affy?
If a casino is rogue we can discuss it, yet a fellow affy we can not.. why is that guys? Can’t rock the boat?
Let the man defend himself if all is well...
Well it’s not and certain people know this about chipmonkz.
Hence the Nazi like stopping of free speech.
We have had many a thread much worse than this yet it was never banned.
It’s shameful, you moan about the ukgc and stopping of gamblers rights, yet ban a thread on a known rogue streamer...
yeah sorry I called him a slob. My bad.
But he’s ok to openly threaten me with ‘gipsys’ that’s his spelling btw not mine.
This is in the people’s interest, just like the downgrading of trada casino was.
Misguided AF.
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Jan 20, 2004
Firstly the shutting down of the thread was limiting free speech as it goes against certain mods ‘vested affy interests’

Enough already! You can save your "free speech" complaint because that thread was closed due to it having turned into a flaming poo-throwing contest, largely thanks to you I might add.

Take a few days to chill out and if you still need to spout that rubbish then please just take it elsewhere.

If you insist on playing the hard man with the insults and abuse you'll be shown the door permanently, as you well know. You've received this same warning time and time again. You've got to know that sooner or later there will be no going back on this.
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