chinese craps

Do you mean Sci Bo. It's completely different game compared with normal craps.

Sic Bo

Sic Bo (骰寶), or Tai Sai, is an ancient Chinese dice game of chance that is becoming more and more popular with casino fans around the world. Go to any casino in Macau, which has now overtaken Las Vegas as the world´s largest casino town, and you´ll hear the constant ringing of the bell around the Sic bo tables as punters place their bets.

Other names for Sic bo are tai sai (大細) literally big small, dai siu (大小), which means hi-lo , cussec and Chinese Craps. You play with dice. This site will teach you how to play Sic Bo and recommend good online casino sites where you can play Sic Bo on the Internet. Although Sic Bo translates literally as "Dice Pair", the game is played with 3 dice.

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