Chilling at 3Dice


Game old gal
Mar 13, 2008
Well, I went & downloaded 3Dice and hung out there most of the weekend. The first welcome was from Babs herself via a video clip. I'd meant to check it out a while ago, and just never got around to it.

Had a hoot playing tourneys. And what a nice bunch in chat. Love that there is a rep to answer your questions, and even had another player offer me some TC's (Tournament Credits), since I had had no luck thus far. But the rep had already offered me a freebie of TC$10, which allows me to enter tournaments that have TC$1 entry, up to five buyins for TC$1. Their reps seem to only disappear to answer live chat. Two of the Live Chats I contacted during my T&C's post were on this weekend, and the mighty Enzo was MIA, not telling the help what he was up to (pure speculation... golf, women?), but popped in and offered yet another freeroll today.

Rep (Karen) told me that min deposit is $10, and live chat e-mails you a transcript. But it seems that $50 deposit in 30 days buys 30 days of entry into VIP tournaments, if I followed chat conversations correctly. Enzo, correct me if I am wrong.

Software is slick, and there are more slots coming soon apparently. Enzo gave us a sneak peak at one called "Dual Core". Think symbols might have been developed by folks geekier than me (memory cards, usb drives), but is apparently 9 line two times pay (colour & symbol) and low variance.

I wish 3Dice all the luck in the world. An online casino that is consumer driven. Success will give us more slots to choose from.

Maybe a bonus round that lets us pick boxes, ala Jackpot Party or Gift Tag from MG?

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