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catrina m

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I played after a long hiatus, lol.

Got through the WR and finally cashed.

Asked for it to be flushed.

Here is the chat.

Not a gripe, but isn't this possible without Louise?

Please wait for a site operator to respond.

You are now chatting with 'Sara'

Sara: Hi and welcome. How can I help you?

catrinam: I would like a flush of my withdrawal

Sara: One moment please, I'm just checking your account.

Sara: I can see you've made a withdrawals request however this needs to be approved before any transactions go through, and this process can take up to 48hrs

catrinam: Is Louise there, I am familiar with her on casinomeister

Sara: Unfortunately there's no way of us fast tracking this process at the moment

Sara: She is not here at the moment

catrinam: she flushes them

catrinam: I will post your chat on casinomeister

catrinam: thank you

Sara: I'm sorry but right now there's nothing I can do

catrinam: Its Ok, Do you mind if this is posted?

Sara: It is our policy to ensure that all withdrawals are checked before being approved, and this cannot be done instantaneously.

catrinam: Its important to the members there to see the process of cashing fast is adhered to, do you mind?

catrinam: Hello?

Sara: The withdrawals are generally approved within 48hrs. You requested yours at 8/7/2009 11:22:51 PM.

catrinam: Thank You

Sara: I would expect it to be approved very soon


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Catrina, seems like it is not possible without Louise-there is another thread "slow payment at slots oasis" discussing this same issue.


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Never won a dime with this group, so they wont be getting any more of mine. In fact only RTG ive ever won at are club world, inet and Casino Titan.

catrina m

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I couldnt get a flush so I did something I almost never do.

I reversed it. I figured I would just lose it and not play there for a while again.

Then achilles gave me a little playing money.

I am going for broke with it.


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With a $12K win soon, I am sure you will wont mind waiting for 4 weeks to get your money:p


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I had this same issue - except when I got on chat they didn't even know what "flushing" meant. I came here and PM'ed Louise and she did it almost immediately - while she was off for the weekend!

I can't believe that they would leave everything up to Louise - she's the one who fixes all the issues that anyone has, and flushing an account should be something that any CS can do. I hope they pay her a LOT of money. What do the players who aren't CM members do when they have a problem?

catrina m

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I went for broke and got my wish, lol.

Now I remember why I love to flush.

RTG giveth and then RTG taketh away


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Hi everyone,

I hope everyone is well ;)

I am currently on vacation until Wednesday so am not as available as usual unfortunately. Please still let me know any requests that you may have however, and I'll try my best to take care of it for you.


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catrina m

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I would like to thank Louise for looking in on us.

She is one of the best reps this forum board has ever seen.

We all have our gripes about different casinos and different groups.

Who hasn't bitched at Enzo and then put a deposit in, lol.

MG has had us all in a tizzy since the infamous ban of the USA.

RTG gets picked on like a 4 year olds runny nose.

Louise is the model all casinos should have as reps.

Regardless of the software, regardless if you win or lose a rep to answer you is important to the buisness as a whole.

Thanks for taking time from your vacation.