Cherry Casino blocked my account


Dormant account
May 6, 2005
About a month ago Cherry Casino blocked my account. I had made a withdrawal of $200. The withdrawal got cancelled and I haven't been able to log into my account ever since.

I have written to the CS a lot of time. First the asked me to change my password. This took a lot of mails since they have a rather tedious procedure for changing password.

This didn't help, though, and since then I have only received vague answers like 'we will look into this' og 'we have forwarded this to our technical appartment' - if any answer at all.

I have received no reason why they have blocked my account, and I have receive no useful answers from them. I have asked their casinomeister rep for support, but he hasn't been helpful either.

What should I do next? Any suggestions? I just want to get my $200 from them.
I have na account there also and I tried to log in last week and couldn't. It seemed they were in the middle of an upgrade and I got an e-mail after failed attempts to log in with a link and told me to use my original password and then to change it once in. It worked.

By the way...When I first logged in , before knowing the upgrade was in process, it looked like I was being redirected to an unsecured site (no lock on bottom of screen) exactly like the one Cherry casino has up and I immediately left. Be careful..I think I might have gotten another bug....

Now I can log in fine, once I got the e-mail I requested with the link to the newer version with a lock on the bottom.

I have apologized but it does appear the issues with your account are more difficult than the quick fix you're looking for. I have not ignored your issue for a month, the first e-mail from you to me was September 26th; regardless we've been working hard to fix it for you. I do apologize for the delay. The issue is with your account also being used as an affiliate one, and it's caused a little havoc on our admin. It will be fixed, and I'm hopeful it will be fixed soon.

silcnlayc, while you attempt to change passwords at CherryCasino you are not actually logged in, hence the lack of a lock image. There is no security issue at all with this process.

Hi Rick. It's true that my first email to you was september 26th but I started emailing CS a couple of weeks before that.

Since I posted here earlier today I have three times received an email from Cherry/Rick saying the problem has been fixed and I should be able to login, but my account is still blocked. But at least it seems they are starting to take this seriously.

However, I don't find it very it very 'accredited'-worthy that one has to post on casinomeister before the casino starts taking action.

I'm nothing if not honest, and I acknowledge I'm not sure what took so long on the support end of things or why it took this long to get to work on things. I do thank you for having responded to me and I've been doing my best to get this fixed up.

I've sent you another e-mail today, take a look and try to respond when you can. Hopefully, at the very least, your money will be on the way while we trouble shoot whatever is happening.

I really don't like their management CS/Aff/etc.

I sent critical feedback... and they start war.
Ok, i admit....I'm quilty... but so are they

No more Cherries or CasinoEuros to me... thanks
Just wanted to tell everyone that I received my money from Cherry today. Thanks to Rick for helping me on this.:thumbsup:

Still can't login to my account though but we're working on it and I expect it to be fixed soon.

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