Cherry Casino also misleading players about Video Poker


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Oct 20, 2004
Just to provide some balance and show that Intercasino is not the only casino who mislead their players about VP paytables heres one from Cherry Casino.

I don't like to write this as I do like Cherry. I LOVE their hassle free payouts and consider them to be highly reputable. I take issue though when they send out emails which do not tell the truth. I have discussed this with them and they still will not admit they are in the wrong so unfortunately I can't put it down to a mistake.

In their October newsletter they wrote the following:

"For some the chance to beat the house is reason enough to play Jacks or Better Video Poker. With perfect strategy you already have the advantage, but with a $100 casino bonus to one lucky player every Sunday in September it's almost illegal! "

I immediately logged on to see what ultra generous paytable they use but was disappointed and confused to find that far from being unusually generous it was actually pretty mean. 200 coins for a straight flush and 100 for a 4oak. This puts their paytable way below 100%. I emailed back to ask whether I was missing an important point but no, they really were using a paytable that they admits pays out below 100%. That doesn't stop them claiming though that "With perfect strategy you already have the advantage". I asked them to correct their mistake in their next mailshot but didn't receive a response.

A real shame that otherwise reputable casinos feel the need to deceive their players in such a way. The intercasino email was at least not factually incorrect, just laughably misleading, this one is outright false
elscrabinda said:
200 coins for a straight flush and 100 for a 4oak. This puts their paytable way below 100%.

I've never played at Cherry but I did happen to check their paytables. It is as you state above, 200 for SF and 100 for 4oak, except that for a straight they pay 25 instead of 20 like regular jacks-or-better. This puts it at 99.56, and regular JOB is 99.54. So it's a tad better than regular JOB, and not "way below" 100%.
Fair point. I missed that when looking at the paytable. I'll take your figures to be correct- sounds about right.

However, whether perfect strategy pays out at 50% or 99.9% I still take issue with any claim that it has a player advantage and am thouroughly disappointed that even when I asked them about this they are happy to continue the decption without correcting it.

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