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Aug 3, 2002
Las Vegas
I tried to cash out at a poker room I tried that is a skin of a much larger poker room. Every poker room I have cashed out at returns the $$$ to the way you deposited it or they offer checks, ,echecks, western union etc. I ran into this issue. I tried to cash out ONLY my original deposit to the original deposit method. Seems easy right? If they just credit back my acct they way I put it in all is fine and I couldnt scam them right? NOPE they have to make this an intentional hassle. This is related to Golden Palace. So to any one who wants to play there keep this is mind here is the T&C they refer to.

Prior to releasing any winnings to you, the Company reserves the right to conduct a security review and to require you to provide such identification or other information or documentation as the Company, in its unfettered discretion, deems necessary. If you fail to comply with any security request, the Company reserves the right to void any winnings in your account.

FIRST this doesnt apply here for I have not won anything, only trying to get my deposit back. But OUR DISCRETION really means..... photo copy of front and back drivers license (my DL# is not their business), front and back of credit card (even though i didnt use one to fund account they want a copy of one anyway, something thats not their business.) OR instead of credit card I can give them 2 utilitie bills and a bank statement. None of that is their business either. All this just to get my deposit back? The same way I made it? What possible fraud could I be commiting? To get this money I guess I will have to do this but they have lost me as a customer forever. Poker players keep this in mind when you play here. I've NEVER heard of such a thing and ive cashed out $30,000 from about 20 different casinos, most of them poker rooms. I have heard some regular casinos asking for this much info if they are suspicious or there is a large transaction but i cant imagine my $200 withdraw that is equal to my deposit to the same method is either large or suspcious, they state they do this EVERY TIME for EVERYONE! I understand there is fraud on the net and if this was large I would understand but in these shoes it seems like a hassle just to try and make me keep my $$ there. Anyone with half a brain realizes what could I possible charge back if they refund my transaction? I've taken a nearly $7000 withdraw broken up into 4 payments from bigbetpoker without ID and a $6000 bank wire from party without or even a question besides "what is your acct #", I cant imagine my $200 withdraw requires this hassle especially in this age of ID fraud.
What you describe is standard for the Golden Palace casinos. Should you decide to provide the information you should be paid promptly. Mind you I've never played poker at a Golden Palace site but it does seem to be the same. A little excessive? Sure.

By the way, I did send them the two Utility bills rather than my CC info as I too used another payment option and didn't think it was any of their business.

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About to pitch a bitch i guess, day 15 and sent ID BS etc 7 days ago. All this just to get my deposit back the way i made it after meeting their T&C. CS will not let me talk directly to security apparently this is a suspcious withdraw when one plays 3 weeks and breaks even and wants to cash out?
for me same

pokeraddict said:
About to pitch a bitch i guess, day 15 and sent ID BS etc 7 days ago. All this just to get my deposit back the way i made it after meeting their T&C. CS will not let me talk directly to security apparently this is a suspcious withdraw when one plays 3 weeks and breaks even and wants to cash out?

hi pokeraddict
happy to see you here usually i meet you in the poker room
for me it's same for goldencasino wait a little withdraw (50$) since waouou!!! this summer!!! and impossible to have it,i deposit by neteller and they want the same docs like you,i not agree to give them my cc number,i deposit by neteller!!!!i send them a utility bill and driver licence and nothing!!!!
i'm sad to see you have the same problem in their room,i'll want to try it this week....... :mad:
I will be pitching a bitch today. 22 days of waiting for this cashout and they received my ID and utility bills BS on Dec 24th when the cashout was made Dec 15th for only my deposit amount after playing for weeks. I ended up cashing out the other $137 since they saw the need to make this difficult. Yesterday I got on their live chat, they told me I had not been waiting this long even though here it is in my history, they also told me I had not sent my info in until Dec 31st whcih was not correct. I asked for a copy of this chat because their chat doesnt work for copying and their csr left chat upon this request. They owe me $337 plain and simple and I've never waited this long for such a small amount of money, there is no excuse and I told the csr yesterday I would be involving watchdogs in this if they didnt do the right thing in 24 hours, which they have not. Below are the cashouts and dates, the money has been flushed from my acct since the day I sent my ID's in on Dec 24th.

Time 2003-12-14 09:06 1087793 Cashin $200.00 $49.03 $200.00
2003-12-15 08:01 1099972 Cashin $137.00 $0.03 $337.00

Avoid anything related to Golden Palace. After telling the story to other poker players in other rooms and even golden palaces poker room they all have the same story. Intention hassles and slow pay. Everyone says in the end they got paid but some have said they have waited 6-8 weeks. How ridiculous. I should have known better after all their past problems but I thought they had gotten their act together.
Wow it only took 23 days to get my money out of them. 13 after I sent my ID etc. Many emails and many excuses. Just to compare here is the time it has taken for me to take my last withdraw from other casinos.

Victorias poker less then 1 hour
Absolute Poker less then 1 hour
Betcris 2 hours
Americas card room 5 hours
English Harbour 2 days
Carribean gold 2 days
Big bet poker 3 days
Party Poker 4 days
Golden Palace 23 days???? What the F???? and I had to send them all that info just to get my original deposit amount back, send them countless emails and call them several times. No excuse for this. You lost the potential of a good customer and who knows how many others. It explains why the players are so bad there though. Any player that plays there and wins goes through this intentional hassle once and says never again leaving only players who lose over and over.
...leaving only players who lose over and over.​

Is this possible ... that no one is winning? Talk about bad players. I guess they all ante and then fold before the pot is awarded?
The reason I feel that so many would lose there is because the house takes a rake that makes an even to +12% winner into a person that doesnt win or loses more. A table full of the "average player" will lose to the rake or win so little it does not meet the cash out requirement or is not worth cashing out. According to my Pokertracker only 38% of player are winners mostly due to rake. This is out of the nearly 2000 players I have in my database. Most of the games going on in this poker room are $1/$2 or lower making it that much harder to beat because the rake in these games tend to be about 4% where a 2/4 would be 3.5% 3/6 3% and 5/10 2.75% and becase the lower limits make for smaller profits not meeting the $50 cash out. These lower limit players will almost always lose to the rake. I tend to go aim for these lower limit games since the play seems to be so much worse i feel a shark can make a living in them.
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Just a P.S. here. This poker room promised me and others a 30% rake rebate if we played 20 hours that month from 12am - 8am ET during december. My figure shows roughly $60 owed to me. None of us have gotten paid. The owner of the skin, someone im closely affiliated with, doesnt even get replies just like the players dont from them as to where this $$ is.
Wow 23 days seems to be their magic number, they just paid me my rebate for December that was due on Jan 5th. Stay away from this group. I like on Bryans profile it says least favorite casinos are "anything that has the word golden in it" I wonder why............
Geez - ....any security request they want in their "UNFETTERED DISCRETION"...

holy jumping batman, that's one they can drive a batmobile through. Looks like they have depositors by the shorties with that bull S***!

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