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Jul 30, 2005
Cheating at Online Poker! Have you seen this ad online?

This is being sold as No Rules Poker on the internet.
It has a beautifully written ad which stopped me in my tracks when I read it. It told how I could see my opponents cards, just as I see my cards on the screen. What a deal that is. I will be able to know what my opponents hole cards are! I read the ad again (it was quite long). Ive been around too long to believe what the ad said, and moved on.

A few days later I came across a forum post of a customer of the above ad. He was so angry he posted the whole damn package for anyones viewing. And boy, did I laugh.

I read it in less than an hour. It is such bullsh**. Let me give you a summary of it's contents:
Part one: pertains to "collusion". Nothing I didn't know already. The author is talking about you and your buddy playing the same SNG and are on the phone telling each other their hole cards.
Part two included some info on a Poker bot that you can buy somewhere else. I have no idea if that idea is realistic. I did go to the site and read another well written, and long, ad on poker-bots. A poker bot is a program that will allow a robot to play, and win, without you being there. Hmmmmm!.
Part three was some 1st class real bullsh** regarding "linguistics". He gives examples of using the chat to influence what your opponent does. Totally bogus.
Part Three: pertains to installing a program, and get it onto your opponents computer. You have to, at the minimum get his password, user name, ISP, etc.; and I'm not sure if the rest of the computer oriented stuff would work if you could even get that info.

He gives a money back guarantee. I can't see anyone being happy or finding this useful.
What an entrepreneur the author is though. He's written an advertisement that grabs people's attention. I'm sure he's made a bundle of money.

I'm embarrassed that I gave this ad the attention I did.
Anyone else have any interaction/experiences regarding the above product?

This guy obviously is an idiot. A simple search on google for norulespoker will turn up the ebook for anyone to download. The webserver it's hosted on allows directory listing; and the "thank you for your purchase" html page is even in there too!!!! lol

Looks like a 13 year old kid wrote it. So many spelling and grammatical errors it isn't funny; and I'm only on page 10. Quite funny reading :thumbsup:

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