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Mar 17, 2003
This is going to be the rare times where I'm posting such a thing on the board but please those who are playing there... just beware when you play at either of these places.

1. Party Poker
2. Party Casino
3. Party Bingo
Basically all "Party" related sites.

Here's my little story:

In the beginning, Party Bingo didn't accept players from Malaysia so I could not make any accounts there. Recently, I finally created an account in Party Casino cause I thought they were a good place to play and kinda stable too. I could not be more wrong.

I've managed to create the account and a few moments after that, someone from Pay-Pro called me to confirm my details and etc. I did it and they even told me to fax/send them the Preferred Member Application.

I prepared everything and when I was about to send it to them, I noticed that my account was locked and I was to call their security dept. to resolve the security issues with them. I did that and they told me that I have created multiple accounts with them and that I have even cheated them of more than $5,000.

At this point, I was totally shocked and surprised and asked them if they actually got the right person or not. They told me that they did not make a mistake and they are definitely sure it was me who did this to them. After that, they even told me to send in my Documents so that they could investigate more and also reinstate my account.

I did that immediately as I already had everything prepared for them. After 2 days, they still didn't get back to me so I called them again and this time they said, "Thank you for sending in your documents but we have taken the decision to permenantly close your account."

A few days after that, I was contacted by Entropay that they will be also closing my account with them as I have committed Financial Fraud with Party Poker.

I was totally surprised by what Entropay and Party Poker did. I sent both of them verification and authorization documents and yet both of them decided to close my account without proof. I am not sure why Entropay closed my account but as far as I'm concerned, I don't mind Party Poker closing my account but as for Entropay to do so, it is totally unacceptable!

I did not even do anything wrong and now I'm in a hell of trouble.

So for those who plays in Party places, please BEWARE OF THEM!!!
Are you sure that someone hasn't stolen your information and used it to make accounts there to defraud them (and possibly others as well)? It almost sounds like identity theft to me; especially with $5k in question.

I would be checking into this ASAP, as this may just be the tip of the iceberg.

I hope it's not, but you never know...

Either way, I would keep an eye on your credit report. I'm sure this, and possibly other stuff, will be showing up there soon.
Hope this is not what you say it is...

I had a friend who previously had 5 Credit Cards registered under his name but he has never see/heard of the Credit Card companies before. He really did have an extremely bad time trying to resolve the problem which took him about 1 year to settle.

I really hate to be in his shoes. He's had sleepless nights as everyone was chasing after him, calling him, harrasing him and etc.

Now, even Entropay told me that they have 2 Accounts of mine which 1 was mine and the other was also registered under my name and address but the credit cards used has never been seen by myself before EVER!

Gawd, I'm seriously sitting here and not only wondering but thinking of how to resolve everything if it really happens.

Good thing is that there's only so many people here who is providing Credit Card services. I've called all of them and they should all be getting back to me within the next few days.

I'm hoping it's NOT what you say it is, dude. If it is, I'd be crying like crazy trying to solve this problem. :(
Call Centres

There are criminal gangs who obtain large amounts of personal data from call centres. Often this is sold on for marketing purposes (still illegal), but when criminals buy this information it is detailed enough to steal the identity and commit fraud. They just ensure that nothing gets sent to your postal address, as this is the point at which you find out about it.
If you can find out what organisation leaked your information, you could sue for damages. If Entropay allowed the fraudster to create the second account AFTER you created yours, then THEY have been negligent, and should close the second account and possibly compensate you for any inconvenience. Sadly, this rarely happens in the online casino world as they like to shoot first and ask questions later. Worse, it is hard to take them to court for defamation, something Party are guilty of as they seem to have "defamed" you by telling Entropay that you have committed fraud without making certain that identity theft is not the cause of the problem.
If they chase you for the $5000, they will have to take you to court, and this could cause them considerable embarrassment if the case collapses due to them not having done a proper investigation beyond the fact that the details match.
I would seriously wish to see Party Poker sending me a lawyer letter. I'd most probably counter sue them for a lot more than they would sue me for.

Also, I'm quite sure my computer was hijacked or something. Even my bank account information (my login and stuff) is being used by someone and since my account is one of the "Valued" accounts of the bank, they contacted me today and asked me if I really wanted to make a Transfer of MYR50,000 (about US$14,000+) out of my account. I of coz was totally SHOCKED beyond believe that such a thing could have happened. They even looked at their logs and etc and they told me that the order actually did come from my computer itself.

I was like... HOW COULD THAT BE? Internet is practically DEAD in Asia following the major Earthquake that hit Southern Taiwan on Tuesday morning! Immediately, I backed up all my files and important stuff and formatted my Notebook without a second thought.

My goodness... it was lucky that I actually told the banks about these things before things like that happened. They said that if the money was transfered, I would have to get a lawyer, go to court and etc. to get the money back, at which by the time the fees would most probably take 1/2 of the money away already.

As for Entropay, they too did tell me that I had 3 accounts (me and another household member), 2 which belonged to me and another which is of a different name but with the same IP and address.

I told Entropay that of coz the IP is the same, we're living in the same house and share the same I'net connection. As for the double account that I have, they should have detected that as soon as the idiots register the second account with my exact details and closed it. Unfortunately they did not and now they are wanting me to prove that the credit cards belong to me in order for them to reopen my account.

My current question is : How the hell do I show them credit cards which I don't have and have never heard or seen before? Even if I could manufacture the credit cards out, I still do not have the credit card number or expiry or etc to make them. They showed me something like this...

4123 xxxx xxxx 1234

What am I to do? I told them I can't show it to them as they are not mine yet they insist that I have to show them the card before they open the account up again. What a BIG joke. How am I suppose to do it?

Looks like they believe the fraudulent account is the genuine one if they are asking for the "other" card details. This all points to a serious fraud against you. Best save all you data and do a complete reformat and reinstall the OS. This will NOT prevent the criminals using the information they currently have. With this in mind you should inform ALL institutions you deal with and get them to verify anything with you that appears to originate from a computer.
If they have hijacked your PC, best change ALL passwords for ALL your online accounts NOW! Make it a password you have never used before anywhere.
If you have a credit reference agency that provide details to lenders, you may be able to add a note to your record that your details are being used fraudulently. The main UK agencies allow this, but many people are unaware of how they operate.
The longer the criminals are able to impersonate you, the deeper the hole you have to dig yourself out of.
With the internet dead after the quake, it is possible that the IP is being spoofed from an unaffected location, and this quake may actually be making this fraud easier, as the victims are having more difficulty accessing their online accounts.
I'd look into getting a lawyer that handles international gambling and international gambling laws, and deal with these companies.

This is why identity theft is a global problem, and will continue to be a problem on earth.Whether people get embedded with a microchip into their finger, thumb, forehead or hand, identity theft will continue.

The European Union and other countries globally, are looking into these methods to combat identity theft fraud.

The money could be used for other things, like drugs, child porn, illegal arms trade, terrorism, which affects the entire world.

Hopefully you can figure out this mess physically and spiritually, so these problems will go away.

You will see tougher identity theft laws in the future, if not death penalty over them.

Nobunaga, I have to give you kudos for wandering around this site for knowledge, but you might want to take a look of the dates of the threads and posts. Granted, I am not upset, think it is great when newbies want to learn all about gambling and the gambling market, but old posts might not be relevant for what's going on today.

Anyway, carry on!!!! ;)

Just noticed you are not a new member, you have been wandering around since July 2006? Pay attention guy!! :p
Just noticed you are not a new member, you have been wandering around since July 2006? Pay attention guy!! :p

Noticed the same thing :confused:

After 5 years you'd expect someone to not rake up extremely old threads :rolleyes:
Well, now that this has been necro'd.... I wanna know how it turned out?? I hate it when the last chapter has been ripped out of a book I'm reading....
Well, now that this has been necro'd.... I wanna know how it turned out?? I hate it when the last chapter has been ripped out of a book I'm reading....

I see the OP hasn't posted here in about 7 months.
Maybe you should PM him? Then he gets noticed by email.

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