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Mar 12, 2007
Just was wondering if anyone else had to send a faxback form before they could resume depositing.

Heres the chat:

You are now chatting with 'Alicia'

Jeff: hi

Alicia: Hello Jeffrey!

Alicia: How are you today?

Jeff: good

Jeff: confused

Alicia: How may i help you please.

Jeff: i deposited with my card about an hour ago and went to deposit again and it was declined as being suspicious

Alicia: What exactly is the response you get from the card?

Jeff: card suspicious

Alicia: one second please.

Alicia: I would advice that you check on the card and try to deposit again by putting the details correctly, usually when details are filled it wrongly it gives that response.

Jeff: ok

Jeff: stay here with me please

Alicia: i will.

Jeff: Additional Information: Transaction declined, please contact support!

Jeff: We're sorry but the VISA account specified has been restricted from use on our website. Please contact Customer Services if you believe this is in error

Jeff: i just deposited

Jeff: why

Alicia: di it give you any trace ID number please?

Jeff: no

Alicia: one second please

Alicia: i am sorry i would advice you that the transactions on the card has been restricted in the casino, therefore no charges have been placed on your card, please would you like to try another card or deposit method as as :


Jeff: why

Alicia: Or prepaid Cards :

Jeff: i just deposited


Alicia: one second please as i checked the card again

Alicia: I am having a word with our fraud department please.

Jeff: k

Jeff: you there

Alicia: You card has been blocked because you have made several deposit attempts with the card.

Jeff: well you told me to retry

Alicia: It just another try was not going to block your card, you did it too many times that is why you got the response

Jeff: no just did it that one

Alicia: I usually when it says suspicious card, it mean something is not entered well

Jeff: so why was it suspicious to begin with then

Alicia: I am sorry , i would talk to the cashiers, one second.

Alicia: I am sorry but you would have to send the documents in the link below so that the cashiers can certify your account for further transactions with this card

Alicia: Link Removed ( Old/Invalid)

Jeff: explain to me why i need to verify my identity?

Alicia: Because the only way we would confirm that you are the user of the account and have agreed that we work with your card.

Jeff: the account is in my name right?

Alicia: the account is in the name Jeffrey


Jeff: never have i had a casino tell me to verify my identity until withdrawing

Jeff: i understand you are doing your job and trying to get me to be able to play again im just confused because i used to play at clubworld often

Alicia: We have security procedures that we follow Jeffrey and casinos work differently i would say, or would you like to use another deposit method such as ewalletxpress.

Alicia: or quicktender.

Jeff: i frequent a casino forum: and never heard of anyone being asked for a faxback form for this reason

Jeff: is it because im from the US

Alicia: It is because that is our procedure here Jeffrey, i am sorry if it is not as you expected, and the documents would be store for any future withdrawals from the casino as well.

Jeff: do you mind if i copy our chat to the forum so I can hear other people's thoughts

Alicia: please if you do not want to send the faxback forms, would you like to use your quicktender account for the time being

Jeff: i would but i'd prefer not to have to deposit 50 dollars

Alicia: Our security department follow procedures so i would have to advice that you send the faxback forms then please

Jeff: I will later

Alicia: ok, thank you.

Alicia: we would expect it then.

I just find it strange that I could deposit before this and all the sudden I cant until I send information


aka LooHoo
Jun 5, 2006
Edmonton Canada
We had the same issue with a CC in a store, the first time something got garbled in the transaction, the cashier tried it again and then the third time it the transaction was denied (as a matter of fact the cashier said that the machine told her to keep the card :eek2: but she knew us, so she gave it back.) But we had to use a different method of payment. It wasn't an issue with the card, we used it at a different store a few hours later with no problem - it's just a security shut down at the vendor.

It sounds like CW doesn't have trouble with you depositing, they said a couple times in the chat that you could use an ewallet, they just need verification that the CC is legit before they'll let you use it to deposit.


The Lizard of Oz
Oct 22, 2008
Buckeye Nation

I think it sucks that they suggested you retry your card. That makes it look suspicious to the processor as well.

I wouldn't be concerned though. I had been a member of Clubworld forever, then I joined Aladdin's, or maybe it was LRed, I had to call in the middle of spinning to verify info. They are a top notch joint, and won't abuse your details. They will approve your docs really fast. Good Luck


Ueber Meister
Apr 25, 2006
Club World after bein a member there for 6 or 7 yrs asked for a faxback form from me an I dont deposit with a CC
it was right after I opened a account with LuckyRed an I was
attempting a withdraw from LR an they said I needed a faxback form
an I said I am a member of your sister site an well

I sent it to both seems to me they could share the faxback with all the RTG's
then it would save time an hassles