Charity poker tournament


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May 28, 2010
Hi everybody I work with a charity here in Ontario Canada and we are interested in Hosting a Charity poker tournament. We are just getting our feet wet and don't really know where to start? We are open to suggestions r.e. should we do a live event or online event. etc.

My vision was to make it very large with big name champions at our local arena with each player paying a buy in, selling vendor locations, selling souvenirs etc. the pot would be half the buy in with the charity recieving the other half. Maybe I'm way off in how these tournaments like you see on live t.v. are done. Maybe I should do the whole thing online.
My issue with doing it online is possibly alot of our old time players will cry foul on the RNG , We want to use the event to generate local publicity and awareness so we want to promote the tournament to everyone local and non local rather than only have the event for those currently using an online poker site.

Sort of like "Joe nobody" Can have his chance to play against the big names in poker and win some life changing money. However, I just did a pool tournament and we didn't get very many "Joe nobodies" It was all league players pretty much, Even though I know alot of the "street" players who would have had a very good chance at winning they were reluctant to play because they didn't trust their skill I guess.

We want the fellow who has been beating all his friends or even earning a living hustling to come and take his shot against the pros don't we? Seems to me that would make it more exciting for spectators.
It would be espescially exciting if a member of the community advanced to the finals or even won That would be good entertainment, The locals will be rooting for their home team like any other competition.
Again nothing is concrete with this I am just feeling it out. Another idea would be to just get a sponsor or sponsor(s) for the prize money. Then we know what the pot is and can use that amount in advertising to draw players. The idea of a 50/50 split could turn people off because we have no idea what the pot will be.

Anyway hopefully Someone reads this and can offer a suggestion or 2 or hopefully a casino rep reads this and wants to jump on board for the publicity and to help organize it or sponsor it.