ATTN: Casino Rep changing countries


im about to leave the poverty ridden modern slavery corrupt craphole and i really want to taste the BTG games, i was able to only play dragon born until the romanian regulator took form and banned the scene(literally, banning access thru internet providers to all casinos that didn't took license, a hell of a work to find and ban several thousands). so working in another country that don't have this hassle i will be able to play again? its a matter of juristiction or birthplace? when a country is banned, is banned the territory or the residents of that country? in other words, being a romanian i will suffer forever at the hand of this regulator actions or once i reside elsewhere with specific work documentation ill be considered like a citizen from there?


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Once you reside in another country, you are subject to their gambling regulations. For example, Americans in the UK can gamble under the UKGC license.


but they select the country in which they reside during registration, if their country of origin is not even listed?


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I'd suggest a message to management at the casino in question, explaining your situation and maybe get permission / help with closing old acct and opening a brand new account once relocated.

Ps: If you're not over keen on rule after rule after rule, don't join us in the UK :p


haha i can handle packs of rules if at the end of the day i don't have to worry for tomorrow general wellness. and the only reason i don't join UK despite ive had offers from there is because of the scum from here that are masters of making horrifying headlines in news so when i go in the city and say where i come from i don't get a undeserved spit in the eyes if you know what i mean.
i have contacted a beloved casino. but opened the thread to find out more as a general rule.