Changes to Money Mechanics Affiliate Program


Mar 1, 2005

I received an email from Money Mechanics informing me of a change to the affiliate payment structure with a happy side note that it shouldn't affect too many people since memberships are going well.

If I read this correctly, their change breaks down like this:
Active affiliates (active = new depositing players) receives 25% of depositing players. If your site doesn't produce a new depositing player in one month your percentage of existing player deposits drops to 20%. If you site doesn't produce a new depositing player in the second consecutive month, your percentage of existing player deposits is 0.

Am I the only affiliate out there that has a problem with this?? When I joined the program, it was under the agreement that it would be a percentage of depositing players for 'the life of the depositing player'.

My site is small. I don't bring in hundreds or even tens of players each month. In fact, I don't bring in many at all. I get truly excited over each email subscription, every hit and download and positively ecstatic about depositing players. All these things serve as an indication that it's working and I'm heading in the right direction.

But it costs time and money to advertise these casinos (domain, webhosting, advertising,traffic) and if it doesn't produce for several months at a time, I have to take the loss for that as well. I wonder how my webhost would feel if I told them that I wouldn't pay them for services because I didn't get a depositing player that month for several of my affiliates?

And this is just one affiliate. If this slips past webmaster radar then we should look for other casino groups to adopt this same program. What a boon to their wallet!

I started designing my gambling site and tried to select honest, trustworthy affiliates to advertise. I am not a regular employee with any company and rely on my achievements, meager as they may be, to help sustain my living expenses. Lured by the promise of payment 'for the life of the player' I entered into this arrangement for the long haul, to earn a residual income for myself, something I can develop and then pass to my kids to work and hopefully achieve some modest success.

No Bryan, this may not affect Casinomeister but it will affect me and hundreds of others. I'm responding to their email about this now but I wanted to get your input on this before I hit send. What do you think??

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These changes are a breach of contract and totally unacceptable.

You will find a long series of protests in their forum at CAP.

You don't just stop paying people what they have earned and what you contracted them for.

I can understand lowering the percentage one notch temporarily - referback is doing that. But stopping payments alltogether - no.

You will not find their casinos on my site - and many others are pulling them too.
Hi Siouxzee,

Sorry but I'm heading out the door. If you are having a problem with this, by all means let your rep at Money Mechanics know. I haven't checked the thread at CAP, but the people behind MM should be able to lend an ear and be open to suggestions.
Well, they changed the policy for existing affiliates - so it is not a breach of contract anymore.

New affiliates- watch out!

Since newer affiliates rarely send a constant stream of customers, they stand to not get paid for their work with this program.

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