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Sep 1, 2004
I have a question , I have ask this at various casino's that I am a member of but with different responses. Some said I would have to send all my information all over again, some said I wouldn't get my match bonus or specail bonuses if my roommate claimed already, some said no problem if I play with my computer.
The Question: I am selling my place and I need to share a place untill I find a new place to buy. My room mate has accounts at some of the same casinos's as me. I am just a little worried if I win they may say I have a double account or that it is against there rules that I am playing out of the same address. I understand this problem if I sighned up at the same place but I have already astablished my account before I may move. Is there anyone that can give me guidence or " The casinomiester to give me his reconmendation of how to proceed with this". I do not want to win and than have to forfeit my winnings. Thanks to all
Do not take a bonus or start playing with out notifying casino. Send an e-mail to support and let them know what is going on with your account. Get written conformation ahead of time.
Keep all record they send back to you. If you goto a live supprot take screenshots of the conversations. Do all this before playing at there casino again.

Still be careful about where you play. Many casinos will gladly take any winnings (They do not mind losses) when a situation like this comes up.

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