Challenge X-mas - WTF???

10k giveaway

Yeah i am not holding my breath to win this i have 44 entries and big does seem its always the same person winning these promos, even back in the day when i made more deposits than i would like to admit it was always one of the same few winners. Oh well waht can you do atleast i can say i
Same person

It would depend on which promo. If the same person keeps winning "random" promotions I would worry, but the 5 slots tournaments are won mostly by a small group of dedicated players on a rotating basis. One method I have used is to scan the big winners list before playing a tournament to see if said big winner is participating. It is interesting to note that the winner of the 10K went on to win the Munchkins Monday with a whapping 70K score over 20K in second place. Considering this 10K was billed as having NO WR this may not have been a prudent move unless the slot was on a good run. Another poster stated this winner had won "nearly everything" last month. "Nearly everything" is Slot Sunday on the 11th, and a few mid placings on a couple of other tournaments. With no scoreboard (strange given it was initially billed as the biggest depositor to win), it is impossible to prove the suggestion that the prize went to the greatest depositor and was not randomly drawn (mentioned in another thread). Although the "Wheel of Cash" is rigged, I don't think the draws are, but a large depositor will have more entries, and large deopsitors will win more often than small depositors by virtue of having more tickets entered.
It should be noted that these deposit and wager it once per ticket, point etc tournaments can be "done" simply by having a Neteller account armed with a heavy balance prior to the event. Simply deposit all, wager once and withdraw. Neteller withdrawals appear in a day or two so the process can be repeated several times during the event. If it wasn't for the 10K weekly cashin limit at Casino Action it would be possible to win with sufficient resources but minimal risk by playing Blackjack for the 1x wager through, or J or B VP perhaps. This might have prompted the change, but doing it after the event started did not go down well!

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