Censorship - ESPN or FCC?


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Mar 10, 2005
I just witnessed something pretty disturbing while watching an episode of the 2004 USPC on ESPN Classic.

I forget who they were zoomed in on, but they had part of their shirt BLURRED OUT. In a profile shot not long after, I saw what looked to be the Full Tilt logo.

WTF? Is this ESPN's doing, or the FCC?

Either way, it's rediculous. I also noticed that during the whole show, there were no .NET ads either....


edit: Or is this Trump's BS?


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Jun 3, 2006
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I don't think the blurred "T" shirts are just gambling related.

I have seen this blurring of T shirts on a lot of different shows. I think they just blur any company logo that is "unauthorized" (in other words the company didn't pay for it's logo to be seen).

I have even seen where beer and shoe logos on T shirts were blurred on some local news programs. Even after they were blurred, you could still tell they were Budweiser and Nike logos.

Anymore when ever you see a product or it's logo anywhere on a TV show or movie you can bet your ass the company payed for it to be seen there.

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