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May 5, 2006
Costa Rica
I found that they are offering $30 for free...

The link was throug Joyland Casino... I believe Brian doesn´t like this site much.

Never the less I will keep you updated on what happens.

When I download the software through Joyland Casino I got lots of problems... Seems malware or spyware... I had to go through their site at CD Poker where no bonus was offered...

I`ll keep you updated on what happens...
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first mistake

I am chatting right now with Emma at

They have denied my bonus offered at Joyland Casino.

Emma, the cs representative is not being helpful on the matter.

I will be updating the bonus issue with more details...

I thought they were a honest and good company

I am enjoying so much finding companies not honoring their bonuses...
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This is going to be a long one

Ok.. here is the situation...

By some site I can´t remember I got a link to Joyland Casino (worst casino by of 2005) to CD Poker offering $30 for free. I found this at work, so I thought, lets give it a try at home.

I got home, and went to Joyland Casino, clicked on the link to and mayhem started. My computer frozed, I couldn´t set my account, the program closed like 3 times and I had to shut down my computer.

Once I had restarted my computer I went directly to CD Poker... Downloaded the software and everything went fine until I got to their support department... I still have their chat opened by the way.

I requested my $30 bonus advertised at Joyland Casino ...Spoke with Emma and she declined it. She couldn´t give me a reason why it was declined. After 30 minutes of speaking with her, I finally got the CDpoker´s manager (1 year experience by the way) she told me my account couldn´t be credited due to fraud... FRUAD?? I was shocked... Then I believed that my account at Titan poker could be related.. I never funded this account since they didn´t satisfied my customer service needs...

Anyways, my account was not credited with the bonus promised at Joyland casino. They couldn´t give me an explanation and told me to contact rachel. I am about to send her an email.

My chat at this time.. 2:36 costa rican time is still open without no answer from either Emma or Amber ....

I will keep you updated on the matter...

Is a shame that this happened from a playtech company... I really like playtech.. however they never check who is giving them a good reputation.

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The Watchdog said:
I am chatting right now with Emma at

They have denied my bonus offered at Joyland Casino.

Emma, the cs representative is not being helpful on the matter.

Emma, she'd have trouble laying straight in bed :mad:

The same goes for rachel too!

Personally don't waste your time speaking with her or having anything to do with CDPoker. You'll get absolutely no where and only cause yourself more frustration.
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Aren't Joyland part of the same group as CDPoker and Monaco Gold which is listed as your favourite casino in your profile. :confused:

I know they are all promoted by the same affiliate program in Casino Pays.

I think it would be sensible to steer clear. There are other good poker rooms around, that don't give you a wild goose chase when it comes to Customer Service.
I might be mistaken

Ok.. I really respect Moncaco Gold...

however I doubt they are runned by the same group as CDpoker..

Club dice is a playtech casino as well as Moncaco Gold. It doesn´t mean they are run by the same group.

Probably the meister may know more about this. I have seen CD and Monaco Gold advertised on same sites...

Never the less, I know that Monaco Gold is huge and their CS is fine. I don´t think they will be dumb enough to advertise with the meister´s 2005 worst casino.
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This is just a reply with my experience, it's neither good or bad, I just have some second thoughts about the whole thing:

I got a mail with this $30 offer. I once tried making an account with CDpoker to try out the software but after registration I was already locked out for fraud... Never knew why and couldn't care less, I just played on the other poker networks.

But I wanted to give it another go for this $30 free so I made a new account (forgot my old details) and started playing. A day later I was again locked out for fraud...

After some mails back and forth it turned out it was because of my account at Titan Poker (only play money though, never deposited anything).

They unlocked my CDpoker account and I can play there again and I kept the $30 (of which most is lost already anyways :eek2: )

I'm just wondering why an account on Titan causes me to be locked at CDpoker. This must be the only poker network where you are not allowed to go on any other pokerroom of the same network. Anyways, CDpoker is not worth the problem, so many other and better poker rooms out there.

They gave me the same crap ... fraud...

Ok, now I have an email from rachel telling me that in order to get my bonus all I need to do is register a payment method..

I WONT GIVE THEM MY CC DETAILS.. so I asked how to register neteller without making a deposti....

She didnt answer why my account was being checked for fraud, ..

Then, they had the guts to block my chat for almost 4 hours.. Amber and Emma did this.

I have not received copy of my chat and I know they have them...

I will be on top of them until something clears ...

For the last 8 hours Ive been ignored by the whole staff..

Neal, Melissa and the supposed manager Rachel have been nothing more than rude and non professional

I am still waiting for answers on my emails sent some hours ago.
Some was done

Honestly ... I got treated somehow bad...

After being ignored several times, I got contacted by Rachel.

It seems she is the only one doing things right there. She is very polite on her emails, however I still haven´t been able to chat with her.

After she credited my $30, my chats started to get attended... In fact I spoke with James, who was also very nice and helpful.

I still don´t have much to say about Amber, Emma, Melissa and John, specially John... he was awful to me.. But Rachel made up for all of them, not because she honored the bonus they were promising, but because apparently she seems to be on top of him. My honest advise, I would send them as my former boss used to tell me ¨two days non paid vacations¨to some of them so they can sit down to think about how to treat customers...

Never the less, my complain still remains in playtech since I never got my chats sent to me.

I still have the doubt if Joyland Casino, CD Poker and Monaco Gold are runned by the same group...

I am positive at least monacogold isn´t... I find them to be quite good. If some one knows about this, I would appreciate the feedback
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