CD poker, the worst I ever seen

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May 5, 2006
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Ok, you can check my post in the other forum..

Now this is a complain.

After being offered $30 free at through Joyland Casino, the worst happen.

The software through that link frozed my computer and gave all sort of problems. After 3 times, I went directly to CD Poker, contacted, Amber and Emma gave me such a hard time, that they even blocked my chat after ignoring me for 2 hours.

Then, they told me to send an email to Rachel, which i did.. she replied as follows.

Dear Ernesto,

Hope all is well.

First I would like to welcome you to CDPoker.

I would just like to clarify that in order to enjoy this amazing bonus
need to register your credit card information or an alternative payment

Furthermore, if you can provide me with some information about the
you are going threw as a result of the downloading, I will be more than
happy to have our technical department look into it.

I hope to see you playing at our tables real soon!
Please don't hesitate to contact me or the 24/7 support team with any

Best regards

Support manager
(email deleted)

(url deleted)

Then, today in the morning my chat was back, got ignored by Neal and Melissa... Then John finally talked to me... he seemed nice.. just look what he told me..

after talking with him, he practically closed me up, and told me:

I hope you´ll get the money, good luck :) .. smile included..

I have requested them to send me copies of the chats since playtech software won´t allow you to copy the chats.

I will be giving them something to work with...

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The Watchdog said:
Joyland Casino,

For someone who professes to be a "Watchdog", you're not too well informed. Sorry, not trying to be rude, but a simple search of Joyland Casino on this site should tell you everything you need to know. Furthermore, Trezz started a thread here about a month (?) or so ago regarding CD Poker. Pretty enlightening, and worth a read as well. I really don't think your "complaint" is going to taken too seriously. JMO.
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I do know about joyland...

I had no I idea that CD poker was operated by It will make a lot of sense..

Honestly, their service is awful...I have sent my complain to playtech.

Playtech is really a good software.. too bad they don't look into their casinos who are giving them a bad reputation...

I will wait to see what playtech tells me from my complain..

In the mean time, I invite you to go to Joyland Casino, look for the $30 free at cdpoker and enjoy 3 hours of pure stomach aches with their service...

Let me know if you get the "fraud" thing in your account, some others have gotten that crap.
Thanks baby!!

My experience was real bad,

Rachel, one of the managers is real nice though... She seems to be a good and conscient manager.

I would like to have read that thread before...

live chats

The Watchdog said:
I have requested them to send me copies of the chats since playtech software wont allow you to copy the chats.

In the previous version of Playtech, the chats from inside the casino software were automatically kept into a log file that you could found in the directory of the casino software.
Of course most people didn't know that but for the players who knew that, it was a great tool against "unpleasant" situation.
In the new versions this file has disappeared. Very strange.
If somebody has contacts to playtech, pass the request to include again this function. If Playtech is interested for players, that could only help.
most people who are avid online poker players already know the deal with cdpoker and others on the same network like fair poker etc etc they are a bunch of b.s rip off scam artists
Yes, thats sad

Look, I am not a bonus hunter looking to see who gives me or who doesn't...

Here is what happened with CD... I found through some site a link to Of course I was aware it was the Meister's worst casino on 2005.

Then in their main site I saw a promotion of CD...

In the past I had seen CD Casino several times advertised in lots of sites among Monaco and other good playtech casinos. For me it was weird looking at an ad at this site offering $30.. so I went and check it out.

The details I have already explained. What I am worried about is of Playtech's reputation due to these bad operators.

I hope they become conscient and start helping out giving the industry a good word
Hm, I received this free $30 offer from CD Poker too and was going to try it this week end, although I can't play poker properly. But for free.., just to practice. But now I think, I'd better practice somewhere else.:p

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