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Jul 24, 2006
mansion, 32vegas, and maharajah were all just recently added to casinobonuswhores list of bonuses. i'm sure that is why they are the latest topics here. i'm not saying cbw is shady in recommending poor casinos, but i did read somewhere (2+2 i think) that cbw only advertises sites that pay them to be listed. i'm wondering why casinos would pay to be listed as targets for whoring. but also, i don't think cbw would recommend sites that would not pay out or that screw you around. is there a connection, or is it just that so many new players have signed up for these casinos that it's inevitable that a couple people would be given the run-around just by the sheer numbers?

btw, when i was badgering 32vegas to give me a 320% signup to $640 as per cbw's ad banner and recommendations, they vigorously insisted that bonus is no longer available and demanded i tell them who was using the banner and advertising that bonus. i said no i didn't want to reveal it because i was no snitch, but that i'd advise the site myself of their outdated material. i've yet to deposit there, and glad i came here first to see that quite a few people are getting taken for a ride and that they are member of a questionable group. i doubt i will be risking my money for this bonus, as the live chat and email help are painfully slow each time and all i get are automated responses and poor english. "the bonus offer can be expiring on the end of the month" riiight, smile and nod...

one more thing, is there a difference when people type "rogue" vs "rouge" or are they just misspelling "rogue"? i'm new at this...

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