Caveman Qualifier, 5 WSOP Seats giveaway

Poker Host Toma

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Jan 15, 2007
costa rica
Hi all,

Im Tomas from Poker Host. I just like to inform all members at Casinomeisters that we have a GREAT VALUE tournament coming up on June the 18th at 9.30pm EST.

The top five winners will receive an amazing package worth $12,000 to the WSOP Main Event.

We also guarantee $50,000 to players that finish 6th and below.
For a player to join he or she has to play 250 raked hands (about $50 worth of rake) from now up until the tournament starts on the 18th of June.

The tournament has $50 unlimited Re-buys the first 2 hours and add on. 5000 in starting chips with 15 minutes blinds. Minimum 1000 players.

What are Raked Hands?
A raked hand is when a player is dealt cards in a hand and the pot is raked, a minimum of 25c.
Players can easily view how many raked hands they have played in our lobby. Click on Menu - Raked Hands and fill in the date range.

The tournament is ready for registration in our lobby right now!

Any questions let me know.


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