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Mar 28, 2003
I've just had an unusual and frustrating experience with Vegas Joker casino, a microgaming casino, that I wanted to share with you. I received an e-mail inviting me by name to play in a neteller promotion and I decided to take them up on it, it read like this:

So I deposited the money and sent the e-mail as instructed. I then received a response indicating that I was not eligble for this promotion. It read:

"Thank you for recent communication.

We would like to inform you that unfortunately you are not eligible for this promotion as it is for selected players only.

Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience caused, and we invite you to check your E-mail inbox on a regular basis for updated information on the numerous other promotions we offer on a regular basis."

OK, I thought, perhaps they were unaware that I was selected for this promotion I'd best send them the original e-mail showing how I was specifically invited by name to play participate. This was of no avail as they just responded again with the exact same form letter. Sorry pal, it's what we mean not what we say. On top of that these letters include the paragraph encouraging me to participate in future promotions. So I can do what? Deposit in good faith only to be told, "Ha! Not this time either. Sucker. Please try our next promotion though."

I think this clearly demonstrates some problems in both their Promotions and Customer Service departments.

As this is just a missing bonus I am not going to elevate this to "Pitch a Bitch" status. Letting the forum know about it and advising caution should do for now. Perhaps this is also a good time to invite other experiences with this group to join this thread. Maybe a pattern might emerge here. Anyone from Vegas Joker is also invited to chime in.

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This is not news. This group have been doing this for months now, and it's hardly rocket science to work out out why: send bogus promo, addressed to player with his account number; player deposits & requests bonus; bonus is refused; player is just so pissed off he tries to "stick it to 'em good", wagers and loses.

The trick here is: always withdraw your deposit after being refused the bonus and let the casino eat the Neteller fee. Eventually, they might clean up their act if all players did this, but I pessimistically guarentee most players simply wager their deposits and lose them.

I've had this many, many times from this group.

But I've cost them a fair bit in pointless Neteller fees. :)
Dear Casinomeister,

We would like to inform you of the case that was posted to your site.
From our records the client sent an email to us on the 9/13/2003 asking for a promotion "Neteller promotion 100". We replied to the client and explained to him exactly why he was not entitled to that promotion. On the 9/16/2003 the client sent another email asking again for the same promotion and stating he did not receive the answer to our first email. We answered again to his email explaining that he was not entitled to receive that promotion and that from our records he should have not received any emails offering the same.
At this moment we are waiting for his reply, in which he should include the proof that he received the newsletter offering the promotion.

We would also like to stress that we are always happy to help our clients with any problem they might have.
There is always a satisfactory solution for our clients if we were found of making a mistake, but we can not be kept responsible for a complain that does not have a proved background.

As soon as we receive his reply we will inform you of the outcome.

Thank you and Regards

Vegas Joker Casino
Dear Casinomeister,

Following is the letter that was sent to the player:
Dear Player,

Thank you for being patient in solving this matter.

Please note that you can ignore the previous email you received from us.
We finally discovered what was the problem from the start. There were two promotions going at the same time for different Vegas Joker Casino players. Unfortunately,
your name and number got by mistake on the list of Neteller promotion 100 while you should have received the 100% match bonus.
In any case, the error was found and you should be able to see the $100 on your casino account.

Please accept our apology for the error occurred and all the inconvenience this problem have caused you. On the other hand we would also like to stress out that in case you receive a not satisfactory reply from the casino, you can always write to the management who will investigate the problem for you, before going on the gaming sites or forums. It was just a common error that can occur when handling thousands of players a day.

Thank you for your understanding in this matter and if you need any other information please do not hesitate to contact us.

Kind Regards
Vegas Joker Casino

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I know I'm not really trying to hide it, but you should not be using my name in posts to any public forum. Please remove it.

Hip Hop
I agree Hip Hop, they shouldn't have posted your last name in a public forum like this.

Please think before you post!
I agree that's BS, notice that whoever is behind the Vegas Joker nick, didn't leave his/her name, but is preparded to publicly display the name of their player ( Hip Hop ).

Nice privacy statement in regards to Vegas Jokers intregity towards players personal details btw.
Just an update.

The casino has, as promised, deposited the bonus into my account. So I am happy about that.

I've written them asking if they could remove my name from the post. Once that is done I would certainly consider this issue as being resolved to my satisfaction.

Hip Hop
<hr size=0>quote:<p>I've written them asking if they could remove my name from the post. Once that is done I would certainly consider this issue as being resolved to my satisfaction. <hr size=0>​
Further update,

A rep from the casino called (by phone) to apologize for the name thing. Things didn't start out great with this incident but I think they did a good job from the time I posted here forward.

Thanks Bryan and everyone who took the time to post in this thread.

Hip Hop
LOL. The moral is: next time the VJ group send you a bogus promo Email, post a thread at CM, waste everyones time and risk having your privacy violated. But you'll probably get the bonus.

"We answered again to his email explaining that he was not entitled to receive that promotion and that from our records he should have not received any emails offering the same."

Yes, that's the excuse I got everytime. Once, it's convincing. 10 times, and it's a obvious scam.

VegasJoker - if you could think up at least a decent handful of excuses you'd be a sight more convincing. If you like, I can try and write a few for you. I've heard most of them.

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