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Welcome to CM! This is a great place to get help with just about anything! The first thing you'll want to do though is not fall into those newbie mistakes we all sometimes make. I've been reading the forums a while and like all things computer a 'RTFM' (read the frickin' manual) attitude goes a long way here, it seems. (Take what I say there with a grain of salt. I'm clearly new myself. Just an observation! ;) )

First, if you have an issue with a casino- don't talk about it to start. Read the PAB FAQ and check to make sure the Casino isn't already tossed into the Rogue Pit 'This Is Sparta' Style.

Hopefully, you get the help you need and everything turns out good! :D

Good luck! :thumbsup:

And, in case you missed it- the PAB FAQ and other info can be found here:

Hope this helps!


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And, in case you missed it- the PAB FAQ and other info can be found here:

Hope this helps!
Normally this would be very good advice - but unfortunately in this instance Plenty Jackpots (that we never pay out on) are on CasinoMeister's No Can Do list. :(
This means a PAB is not allowed.

I see the OP has posted about his problem on the main forum - maybe someone there can give some alternative advice.



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Welcome to the Forum,

Great Advice from the members above - BTW - What is CATSKILLKID?

Errr, I thought it was from a person in NY state as the Catskill Mountains are located there :confused:
Then thought maybe cats kill kid? :eek:


Welcome to CM!


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Hey there and welcome to the forum! It's nice to meet you.

I would suggest that you choose from the accredited casinos when finding a place to play. That way you don't run into trouble without having anyone to back you up and help.

Whenever I'm curious about an online casino I stay clear of it until I have found significant evidence that it's safe.