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Sep 13, 2021

For a quite some long time I had in my mind a game like what I am presenting here - called Cathedral!
I think because it's very unique and after about year of researching and looking at as most new games released, I've never seen anything like it out there, so, let's start:

Cathedral's thrill, gameplay and fun is simple yet very complex game never been seen or even thought about, so it deserve it's special thread, that will be updated on and on as it goes.


- it's open world of dark, fantasy world of characters, features, themes and items, that can shake the industry from Studios, Casinos all the way to the Players.

1. you are starting with three main characters to pick and play and uncover what they are about. What happened to them, why they are in this dark world [DETECTIVE, GHOST and MURDERER] are the ones to choose from (list of characters will be expanding with upgrades and expansion packs as game updates).

Before I'll share visual game play teasers of each CHARACTERS - it's good to breakdown step by step of what/how to go to play spins.

And whats better way, than with some screenshots (above)? 🙂

Well, there you go. (these screenshots are from character called MURDERER and much more is yet to come as there is a Detective in the train coming and a Ghost - who actually drop a mail to him to be coming.
BTW: is there a way to upload or share videos? What you will see it's something you'd not expect and see it all how it works :)
Oh I've found the way to insert videos, where you can see 1000x more than any words.
I'll start with cinematic teaser - which is also missing in the gaming world :) So why not?


You want to choose your character and customize it's features? Well this is the way of doing it (I can't believe no-one has come with this idea in any game yet).

- by selecting one of your characters [for now there are only three of 'em, but the list will be endless as mentioned above] you will be having option to add one or two (for extra 20% x bet) features to customize it and boost it to exact your type of fun, thrill, mechanics and wins. Got bored in 10000 spins? Well yes, exit the game and choose different features, or simply change entire character to have again - different type of play. With option of setup (I will come to it later) you can even boost your night time play with level of

horror - so random scary $hit's will be happening to give you even more experience of fun!
Here is character | features preview.

Exactly. Its very simple to understand it in a few spins actually.
No need more than 3 clicks to play the game.
1.Character selection
2.Feature selection/s - if you dont want to have basic features that each character contains as default
3.Game is loaded and play :)
Things behind are endless possibilieties of customatization your character by addin in more special features with cos of extra 20% bet each up to three features.
Then also option for level of gore (scary random events, blood etc - we are all 18+ so why not? :) or you can choose Baby level and no gore or scary events will be in the game.
But each feature or level of gore, will affect the volatility and also frequency of wins, etc. :)
It doesnt matter how long it takes to set up the game once you understand the mechanics, its the learning curve
needed to get to that point,By all means keep working on the concept,but having a lot of options is going make it far too complex.
Just my view, dont want to discourage you.
It's great to hear about your passion and enthusiasm for the game concept you've developed. Cathedral sounds like a unique and complex game that has the potential to captivate players and shake up the gaming industry.

The open-world, dark fantasy setting and the choice of characters offer a lot of creative possibilities for gameplay and story development. It's also exciting to hear that you have plans to expand the game with additional characters and updates.

I'm sure that players who enjoy games that challenge them both mentally and emotionally will find Cathedral to be an engaging experience. With its intriguing concept and potential for expansion, Cathedral could certainly become a popular title among both game studios and players.

Thank you for sharing your idea, and I wish you the best of luck with the development and release of Cathedral.
Thank you guys! Support and like of yours are amazing! :)
I am sure that this game can bring really cool stuff to our entertainment and thrill and experience of actual story and mood.
It's hard to do, it will be pricy and needs a lot of resources, but... on the other side one thing to mention is: Development is such a fun and creative process, that even tho it will takes a quite a time, every aspect of it is fun! I just went out to shoot some scenes by old abandoned house and train station, setting up greenscreen in the studio for shooting some effects and elements, setting up mic and record some samples and sounds.. reason is to bring also cinematic experience to us! :)
And here is a GHOST gameplay teaser - again not final but very close to it visually.
More to come soon, but for the time being one feature you'll find in there and has never been seen anywhere - is
[PAST SPIN BRINGER] - when landing the clock symbol MIDNIGHT 00.00h starts and it will bring previous spin into the play as additional win possibility.
So whatever event happened on previous spin (win, bonus - bonus will play as completely new rounds, no win, other features) will play it again and adds it's win into the current spin :)
GHOST Teaser of a few spins is here:

Hey guy's.
It's time to present a gameplay teaser of 2nd character Mr. Murderer!
(Mr Detective is still in the train at the moment - but coming)!
I want to uncover a bit of secret - yup - those two bottom columns are for Bonus plays.
3 scatters - uncover one of them where random special feature might land on any spin, every spin, none of spins (it's random).
Getting upgrade - like in this case - 2nd column is unlocked and it behaves same way as in Super Bonus - where both columns remain open for greater chance to hit huge!
- in this case - which will be really hard, no secret about it, I have showcased TWO TORN REELS (TR) features that torn apart entire reel adding that 6th extra high pay reel in paytable :)
There is hell lots of what to share and much more - but let's take a look at it how it works with Murderer spins examples 🙂
I know those are videos, but once demo will be made - you'll have the chance to try it out.

just arrived with a few spins tease in the Cathedral.... to take a look what kind of mess and dirty stuff are happening in this place! And, he brought with him Luminol as well 😉 which as a feature tool will switch things around. Here is an example, but wait for the free spins bonus - you'll be surprised of how much of dirty stuff can be seen under this light and respins 😉 Now, first three main characters are done in preview mode and it will be time to sum it all up in next video and description of some features.
But the Cathedral is so big place and it hosts alot of other stuff.
For a hint - there is little girl in pink room, there is a skeleton down in the basement, Golem is in the IRON room and falling cascade bricks are happening on the other side...and alot more 🙂
Which of those three you prefer so far?

Very interesting, what RTP is it and does the RTP vary depending on features chosen or are they all identical.

Is it all ways pay or win lines?

I have also made my own slot creations, 100’s actually mostly based on existing slots with my “improvements” lol but have made some totally unique ones, its a lot of work and fun working it all out but having a good theme is a great start.

looking forward to seeing it in action 😁

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