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Apr 1, 2006
[maxd says: this material originally appeared here: UK Casino Club Confiscated £63k because of multiple Terms violations. . Since the OP was hijacking that thread we decided to give them their own.]

@toms596 thanks. for the reply, really appreciate it.

He said that he had to upload proof of ID and proof of address and and it was a manual review.

Im actually devastated.

@Renee_RA Can you please help me with this?

@Renee_RA @casinorewards
look at casirwrds reply chat when game donrwork
-they carenot 4vplayer
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You sent a message: christ ur conversation recorded i put in forums u admit error and u can t fix or compesate at 15:59

Chat window​

Support agent Victor A has joined the chat. Our players are important to us, and so are our agents. We strive every day to give you the best possible customer service. We also care about the well-being of our team, so we ask you to please be respectful. Your feedback and words of appreciation will help us to do an even better job.
Victor A15:41
Hi! My name is Victor A and I will be looking after you.

wats the issue live games

is it all brands

or just vcountry
Victor A15:42
Welcome back again. We spoke earlier!

didnt c ur msg

is it all brands
or just vcountry
Victor A15:43
Are you receiving any kind of error messages or codes?

yes i gave u the error

An Error Has Occured
An unrecognised error has occured.

send me the balance bk to card

or move to gmc

so i can bet
Victor A15:45
May I please confirm the amount deposited?

i got 50 now i want all the 50

if it was 0 u didnt returned the 20

fix the issue pls
Victor A15:48
I can see the $20 and $15 deposit you made today 23/05/23 was successfully credited

i talk about the 50 i got in vgas country i cant play in ur games wats ur gonna do about it
Victor A15:50
May I please confirm which casino account username?


send themoney pls to gmc where i can bet all games

Victor A15:52
Are you saying you made a deposit of in Vegas Country Casino with username **snip** and you haven't received this?

god. i receieved, the games dont work

wat do u wanna do about that

Victor A15:53
Thanks for holding. We are aware of some technical issues and are working on it now. I would suggest you keep trying or check later Offer. We apologize for any inconvenience this might have caused. Thanks for your patience 😊

i depo 5000 in ur company gimmy a solution

apologize not enough i want a compensation sir
Victor A15:55
I totally understand Offer. We always try to do everything we can to help. Please let us know if there is anything else we can do for you

i want a 100box compensation

credited to gmc
Victor A15:56
By the way, I can see you are eligible for a 15% unlimited match bonus on your next deposit. This offer will only be valid for 2 hours from when it was activated for you, so don’t miss out! Your bonus will be credited instantly into your casino account.

dont give that

give me compensation
Victor A15:57
While I am checking further, I would like to recommend today's hottest games! These are the games that have had the biggest payouts recently, so I really hope they bring you some good luck!

Aquatic Treasures Coast 2 Coast
Casino Rewards Millionaires Club
Wild Catch
CasinoRewards Hyper Star

good, now chek with super compessation

and dont give me me 5 spins in cluster
Victor A15:58
I have checked across all of your casino accounts and as of now, this fantastic promotion appears to be your absolute best offer for today, Offer. I would suggest coming back after your next game session and I would be happy to check for you again to see if I can offer even more!

christ ur conversation recorded i put in forums u admit error and u can t fix or compesate

The chat window is currently open.
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Hi Guys.

I would really like your help I dont know what else to do.

To give you a brief overview;
Me and a few friends were at my house one night and deciided we would join UK Casino Club due to good reports for the casino etc.

We joined up and made the mistake of using my card to fund both my account and the other account also. The only reason for this is becuase the other guy just had cash and i had my card on apple pay so It was easier for me just to allow to use my card - I realise how costly that decision may have been.
On my account which was funded with my card in my name I won a substantial amount of money (In excess of £63000) without a bonus simply by depositing funds from my card onto my account.

The casino blocked my account after with withdrawal and asked for, passport, proof of address, proof of purchase which i provided them with.

After days of no sleep and emailing back and fourth the realisiation of my simple goodwill genture has hit hard.

I got an email from the casino see below;

Hello *snip*,

After further investigation of the verification documents provided, it is evident that the financial account used to transact on your casino account has been shared across multiple customers that also registered on UK Casino Club with the same mobile device.

Please see the following point in the UK Casino Club terms and conditions: UK Casino Club Terms and Conditions

15. Payment and Winnings

General Terms and Conditions

If Players transfer funds between each other's financial accounts or if multiple Players have their financial accounts funded by a common source it will be considered fraudulent and it may be investigated. UK Casino Club reserves the right to void any winnings associated with these types of practices and to suspend the associated casino accounts indefinitely and confiscate any casino account balances.

As such, the winnings have been voided and confiscated and the account has been closed.

The transactions made on your account have been refunded - please allow 1-3 days to receive these funds.

There was no foul play here, there was no ill intention to gain an unfair advantage over the casino.

On another note - The other account that was setup requested a withdrawal after a small win, was asked to verify account so sent in passport and bank statement for verification - everything was approved and the withdrawal was a success - even though this was an account that he setup and funded using my card?
Why was this transaction allowed but mine wasn't.
I have been upfront and honest with the casino from the outset. I realise my actions may have breach the terms and conditions but I beg of the casino to please honour my winnings.
Any help I can provide I will.

**Tidied up post due to excessive spacing between sentences, removed link and personal name within**
dont play in casino rwards look 4 lawyer

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