Cat Gets Called For Jury Duty


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Mar 31, 2007
:lolup:I love it! I think he should serve...he might make better decisions than some human jurors:lolup::lolup:


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Sep 27, 2009
Lake Elsinore, California
Strange day in the world of summons.

Yesterday , my fiancee's 21 year old , severely Autistic son got a Jury Summons. Obviously , well at least I think obviously, he would have to be excused. He is registered to vote, and one of his personal "quirks" for lack of a better term, is to read the paper each day. He knew exactly whom he wanted to vote for.

This was a first for the jury duty. What if his Jury Commissioner denies it too? Never ocurred to me it could go the other way this morning when we heard about this, now I am not so sure..

In my county you call in night before, even Sunday nights and then if you get a call back you go from there, if not you repeat call in at night but its like good for a couple of days so you can work and know. His is different.

It is one thing to disallow the entire thing, but to require the cat to show up.

Jeez can we spend more tax money and burn up hourly attorney bills and court employees salaries and any other costs in a nonproductive waste of time?

A mistake is a one thing. Easy fix.

But if they are going to use Census records that list pets,and kids and adults, maybe they should read them or use another kind of document to select jurors, and maybe a little more recent..was this not in 2000?. Its lucky he is still around.

Its obvious, and its costs a lot of money for every minute anything is done in any court building. Maybe the Judge should disallow the Jury Comissioner.