Casumo Loyalty Bonus


Acting like a jerk - flaming
Just had it confirmed by customer support in the chat having been a long term low-high rolling player for the past 4 years that they do not offer NDB on calculation of total deposits or wager but amount deposited vs withrdawals and net loss v profit. I only challenged this after thousands of wagering in the past 3 months and not one NDB offered after numerious enquires. I was told I'm over 1k up in past 90 days. Only had 3 cash NDB in past 4 years max was 50 euro on well over 50k wagers.

So when I suggested that's its cleary offered up as a concesseion for condolance he basically agreed! Now that for me is just pure poor customer service and marketing and I'm afraid not what I wanted to hear!!

Loyalty clearly gets you knowhere!!


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Unfortunately some casinos out there don't worry about loyalty. I think if your not happy with the service find somewhere that will make you happy
There are some good casinos out there that do appreciate there players.
As for customer service it's difficult for if they havnt been trained properly to start with then they won't be able to deliver a good standered. maybe email the casino and let them know how you feel hopefully the next customers experience will be better
I try to find casinos that offer good bonuses as I enjoy playing for as long as possible :)