ATTN: Casino Rep Casumo - Increasing Withdrawal Times


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Jun 3, 2013
Dún Dealgan

Guys, you know I always have raving comments about your Casino but I have the feeling the WD times are getting longer and longer. I always used to have a WD to Skrill within 1-5 hours and now I am nearly waiting 24 hours.

I have asked chat if it could be flushed but to no avail, they said they do not flush WD's anymore.
And I was advised WD's can now take up to 72 hours to be processed! :(

Did you change your policy in regards to withdrawals?

I am spoiled and get paid instantly after a WD, it seems your WD times have stretched the other way around.

If that is the case it should be updated in the review I suppose.



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Oct 30, 2018
Hi there @lotusch

Withdrawals can still be requested in chat, just as before. Unfortunately our staff has a lot to do sometimes which can result in us not being able to process single withdrawals at that time as the payment team needs to focus on the withdrawal queue to keep the overall waiting time to a minimum.

You can send an email to our support with the title "For Louis" and I will handle the case when I'm in the office.